Artist: Soulbreach 
   Title: My Dividing Line
   Label: Mascot Records

'My Dividing Line' is the debut release from Swedish Thrash Metallers Soulbreach.  This quintet rose from the ashes of Mausoleum, another Swedish Thrash band who called it a day back in 2004, and with this new release the band are set to push themselves out of metal obscurity and into the limelight. 

The album gets underway with ‘A Figment of Truth’ as brutal a Thrash anthem as you will hear this year.  The band mix the traditional full on metal assault with some excellent fret work courtesy of Per Fransson and Dino Medanhodzic.  This is Thrash with a modern twist.

Things continue in a similar vein with ‘Skin Deep’, another slice of modern metal and with Daniel Andersson's gruff and intense vocals adding that ferocious bite that a typical Thrash album demands, make this a metalheads delight.

The more traditionalists among the Thrash community will just love the speed and ferocity of the next track ‘Cease To Be’, but it’s the intricate guitar work on this album makes this album stand out from the rest of the pack, and none more so than on the likes of ‘Disjointed’, with its almost melodic undertones.  Plus a rarity among Thrash albums, the instrumental and title track ‘My Dividing Line’.

It’s back to the full on metal with ‘What Is Me’ and the brutal tones of ‘Lash’ before returning to the Modern era of metal with the excellent ‘You Tore’.  Once again the band turn up the revs a touch with the speed fest that is ‘As I Am Concealed’ and with this track return to the more traditional sound of Thrash, there’s a definite Slayer feel to this one.

The album close with ‘My Delight’, another rampaging guitar ridden anthem that finishes off a fine debut from a band that are destined to make inroads into the whole Thrash Metal genre and will be one to look out for in the coming months when the festival season starts.


1. A Figment Of Truth
2. Skin Deep
3. Cease To Be
4. Disjointed
5. My Dividing Line 
6. What Is Me 
7. Lash 
8. You Tore
9. As I am Concealed
10. My Delight


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