Artist: Soulcage 
   Title: Soul For Sale
Hellas Records Ltd

I seemed to have been been swamped by Scandinavian rock albums of late and believe me it’s not been a bad thing as the quality of albums coming out the region of late have been simply superb.  Another band to find favour with me this month are Finland’s Soulcage with their album 'Soul For Sale'.  It’s very rare for any band to bring something new to the rock scene but Soulcage are one of those rare breed of bands that seem to have that certain something more to add to the mix.  This new album certainly highlights what a diverse band Soulcage are on so many different levels.

The bands sound is based around the superb vocals of Aleski Parviainen, who brings a real touch of class to the album along with the excellent musicianship of band members Teppo Parviainen on guitars, Markus Hellas on keyboards, Ville Siuruainen on drums and last but not least Jari Ilomaki on bass.  The album is full of punchy soar away melodies all wrapped around Parviainen’s excellent vocals.

From the opener ‘Flaming Flowers (Send In The Clowns)’ I knew this album was going to blow me away.  The full on rock n' roll vibe is flowing from the off making this one of the best opening tracks I’ve heard all year, and things just keep getting better as each track unfolds and another wall of sound is thrown your way.

The album delivers so much as regards to different styles, right from the rock filled opener we delve into a heavier darker vibe of ‘I See’.  This one reminds me of Paradise Lost crossed with HIM.  Then it's time for one of the tracks of the album the superb ‘My Canvas My Skin’, a triumphant assault on the senses mixing heavy guitar melodies with a modern dark rhythm section and again Parviainen’s towering vocals once again making this track something rather special.

The album continues to impress with the excellent ‘Ride On’, a real mix of heavy chorus and very modern anthemic guitar licks, then just as you feel the might of the heavy vibes overtake you, it's all change once more with the dark vibes of ‘Until You Find Me’, before you guest it all change once more with the mystic almost pop rock tones of ‘Satellite Children’.

This album really keeps you on your toes as we return once more to the harder rock of the broody ‘Bleeding’ and the excellent ‘Origin’.  This band certainly know how to mix things up as the album continues with ‘Stranger In You’, which is akin to Sisters of Mercy meets Aha with a touch of Electro Pop, if there ever was such a thing.

The band throw another curve ball with the high octane rock of ‘You Get So Alone’, a slung down guitar riff bound to a Wildhearts back beat.  Totally infectious is all that I can say about this one.

This breakthrough album comes to a close with ‘MIA', which mixes that pop rock sound around a harder edged guitar, although it’s Parviainen’s vocals that continue to capture your imagination.

If you want to hear one of the best Finnish bands I’ve heard in ages then I recommend you check out Soulcage, because believe me these guys are going to be massive.  We don't generally score releases but if we did then this one would most definitely be a 9/10, and considering I don't believe there is such a thing as a 10/10 score this isn't such a bad thing.


01. Flaming Flowers ( Send In The Clowns)

02. I See
03. My Canvas My Skin
04. Ride On
05. Until You Find Me
06. Satellite Children
07. Bleeding
08. Origin
09. Stranger In You
10. You Get So Alone
11. MIA




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