Artist: Soul Doctor 
   Title: Way Back To The Bone
   Label: Metal Heaven

When it comes to great German bands one band that produces the goods album after album are Soul Doctor, the brainchild of vocalist Tommy Heart and guitarist Chris Lyne.  The same Tommy and Chris who met in 1986 and formed Heartlyne and then went on to become the darlings of the German Hard Rock scene.   Then in 2001 the pair returned to the scene once again with the first Soul Doctor album, simply entitled 'Soul Doctor', and like Heartlyne, the names of Lyne and Heart once again were on the lips of the fans of good honest Hard Rock, not just in their native Germany, but worldwide.

Now in 2009 it's time to prepare yourself again for another stomping Hard Rock album, the bands fifth, entitled ‘Way Back To The Bone’.

This is straight up Hard Rock from the off with ‘First Man On The Moon’ you're instantly reminded why this band are one of the top rock acts to come out of Germany in recent years.  Heart’s vocals are simply made for this genre and with the Lyne’s fine guitar work, the pair are in perfect harmony from the beginning of the album all the way to the end.  Joining the pair on this album are Jogy Rautenberg once more and rejoining the band for this album is original drummer Zacky.

The hard rocking continues with ‘Lightning And Thunder’, again with Heart pumping out those timeless vocals as Lyne’s licks just explode bringing that edgy feel to the track.  This is the band at their rocking best and this is only track two on the album, there is more to come believe you and me!

‘Can't Stand Losing’ finds Heart in fine voice once more.  This mid tempo rocker opens the door for one of my favourites off the album ‘Love Crashed Down (Boom Down)’.  A real touch of funk o' metal with a rich guitar sound from Lyne laying down the foundations for Hearts superb vocals once more.

The album does dip into ballad mode now and again and what fine ballads they are.  The first of them being ‘Times Of Yesterday’.  Those of you familiar with Hearts other band Fair Warning know what a great ballad singer he is and this is another fine example of just that.

It’s back to the tremendous hard rock with ‘Here Comes The Night’.  This time it's Lyne turn to show what he can do as he really burns up the fret board on this one, then it's more of the same with ‘Heartache Heartbreak', this time with a little more keyboards throw in.  These two are perfect examples of this band's song writing prowess.

The album continues to rock big style with the anthemic ‘Coming Home’ before my favourite track off the album the excellent rocking ‘Welcome To The Party’.  The album comes to a close in great style with ‘Take It While It’s Hot’, featuring a superb Hammond Organ mid section.

The album lives up to its title as this takes Hard Rock and strips it down to the bone and brings back the sound that we all grew up with, and love so dearly.



01. First Man On The Moon
02. Lightning And Thunder
03. Can't Stand Losing
04. Love Crashed Down (Boom Boom!)
05. Times Of Yesterday
06. Here Comes The Night
07. Heartache Heartbreak
08. Coming Home 
09. Welcome To The Party
10. Take It While It's Hot




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