Artist: Soul Seller 
   Title: Back To Life
   Label: Avenue Of Allies

Some might suggest that the world of Melodic/Hard Rock has been dominated by bands coming out of the Scandinavian quarter, and to a certain point this is true, and the quality of the music coming out of that area has always been the dominating factor in this.  But in recent years there has been a spate of great bands coming out of Italy as well and another band to add to that ever growing list are Soul Seller.  The band are based around the brothers Zublena, with Dave on guitars and Mike on bass.  The band started out back in 1999 and in those early days experimented with differing genres from Glam to Hard Rock.

Like all new bands finding their feet the band suffered from varying line-up changes, which ultimately led to the band breaking up, but then in 2010 the Zublena brothers decided they still had some fire in their bellies and when the band brought in Michael Carrata on vocals, Cris Audiso on lead guitar and Steve Bucci on drums, the vision that the brothers originally had, finally started to come into being.

The band's debut release 'Back To Life' shows the guys have their hearts planted firmly in the 80’s Melodic Hard Rock scene, although they do manage to make it sound fresh and more edgy, with heavier elements all wrapped in some superb hooks.

The album opens up with ‘Wings Of Freedom’ and instantly you feel the quality of not only the musicianship involved, but also the song writing.  Two elements that make for great melody rich rock.  Throw in the excellent vocals of Carrata and the band are on to a winner.

The album keeps on impressing with excellent riff laden ‘Change Your Heart Tonight’, a real old school foot-tapper that features a solo from White Skull’s Danilo Bar.  This is quickly followed by the excellent ‘All I Can Promise’, which is a real melodic gem.

Then it's time for the second guest artist on the album as Oliver Hartman brings his massive vocals to the mix, as he duets with Carrata on ‘Keep On Moving’, which ranks as one of my favourites off the album.

There is a short keyboard intro ‘Hope On The Horizon’, which leads into ‘Old Hero’s Prayer’.  Again stunning melody rich rock that this genre really thrives upon.  Great stuff!

The title track ‘Back To Life’ is up next.  This one builds on a heavy intro, but soon the that classic hard rock sound comes through.  This one reminds me of old school UFO, hard rock with an ounce of blues thrown into the mix for good measure, before the soaring guitars of the excellent ballad ‘Hell Of Tears’.

The Melodic Rock keeps on coming thick and fast with ‘A Message From Planet Venus’ and my personal favourite ‘New Power Day’.  A track filled but chunky licks and a mighty back-beat, all brought together with the excellent vocals of Carrata once more.

What band who's influences go back to the heyday of Melodic Rock wouldn’t be complete without an anthem or two, and Soul Seller have their own with the rocking ‘Rock Still Stands’, before the album closes with the epic ‘Beautiful Heretic’s Dream’, showing that the Italian economy may be in turmoil at the minute, but the Melodic and Hard scene is on solid foundations as long as great quality bands like Soul Seller continue to produce great albums like this.


1. Wings Of Freedom
2. Change Your Heart Tonight
3. All I Can Promise
4. Keep On Moving
5. Hope On The Horizon
6. Old Hero's Prayer
7. Back To Life
8. Hell Of Tears
9. A Message from Planet Venus
10. New Power Day
11. Rock Still Stands
12. Beautiful Heretic's Dream



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