Artist: Soulwire 
   Title: The Morning After
   Label: Azimuth Records

Formed originally in 1999 under a different moniker by Stefan Bergman - drums, Mårten Lindsjö - bass & vocals, Axel Engström – guitars, these three then found vocalist Johannes Thernström and the final piece of the jigsaw was filled by Anton Lindsjö.  As a result the now united force of Solewire was formed and the band finally set to work on their debut EP back in 2003, with work starting on the full album in 2004.  Taking breaks in between to harden their live shows, the album was finally completed around 14 months later.  The fruits of their hard labours have finally been given the light of day with the album ‘The Mourning After’.

The album is certainly worth the wait as things get underway with the oddly titled ‘Peach Melba’, but it's just the title that’s odd because the track itself is just splendid and reeks of 90's American rock pre grunge and post Nu Metal.  Very much a mix between the melodies of Nickleback and heavy side of Alice in Chains, but with a edge that fits in with today’s hard rock scene.  A real barnstormer of an opener and what a vocal talent in Johannes Thernström, this guy has one set of pipes.

The album continues to impress as the heavier side of the band is shown on the excellent ‘899’ and continues with one of the tracks of the album ‘The Casket Heaven’.  A more melodic hard rock track that just exudes excellence with its haunting melodies and once again the fantastic vocals of Thernström and some outstanding guitars courtesy of Lindsjö and Engström.

Things continue along the mellower path with another evocative vocal performance by Thernström on ‘Bloody Mary’, then it's back to more heavier vibe with ‘Today, Tomorrow, Never’, while still retaining that slower tempo of the previous two tracks.

It's not until ‘Punished For Devotion’ that the tempo really starts to pick up once more.  This one definitely has that Latino drum feel to it mixed with the heavier guitars and bass, that lay down the foundations for the vocals and some great lead guitar work mid way through the track.

The band keep the heavy bass going on into my favourite track off the album the excellent ‘Porcelaine’.  This track adds a definite darkened feel to the whole Solewire sound, great stuff!

Its time to bring a little funk bass into the sound with the Chilli Peppers feel of ‘Blue Scent’, before the band really pull out all the stops with the two remaining tracks.  Firstly its the ambient tones of ‘God Forbid’ before bringing the album to a close with the poignant  ‘Half Without’.  A deeply moving track that rounds off a great debut album.  So if you want an album that takes the 90's pre grunge sound and gives it a modern twist, then I highly recommend you check out Solewire and ‘The Mourning After’     


1. Peach Melba
2. 899
3. The Casket Heaven
4. Bloody Mary
5. Today Tomorrow Never  
6. Punished For Devotion
7. Porcelaine 
8. Blue Scent
9. God Forbid
10. Half Without


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