Artist: Sound Storm
   Title: Twilight Opera
   Label: Rising Records

Billed as symphonic, operatic metal from Italy, 'Twilight Opera' is Sound Storm's debut album, following a couple of E.P.'s, 2007's 'Northern Wilderness', and 2005's 'The Storm Is Coming'.  It's a concept album based around the theatre and as such contains classical passages among the dramatic vocals of lead singer Letstat.
After the short scene setting opener 'Welcome', the album bursts into life with 'Bound to Hell', a crazy, rousing mix of classical violin, manic keyboards and almost blast-beat drums.  Letstat's vocals are reminiscent of those of Helloween's Michael Kiske.
Following 'Bound To Hell' is 'The Nightmare', a slightly slower, less heavy track, that still thunders along propelled by the stunning drumming of tub-thumper Sadwise.
The pace is upped again for the next track 'Always Be The Same'.   Plenty of medieval influences in this cut, classical violin included, before the guitar takes over for a blistering solo.  Again the drumming on this track is breathless!
'Falling Star' follows and is a mid-paced workout, again with medieval influences and plenty of vocal harmonies from soprano Lucille De Santis and Letstat.  'Ecclesiae Ludicium' slows the tone right down, beginning with an almost monk like chanting and sparse acoustic intro......before picking up a few gears and returning to the fast paced energy of the first couple of tracks.
'Torquemada' is up next and is another slower paced track with a classically influenced intro and again plenty of vocal harmonies.  'Love at Sundown' comes up next, at breakneck speed with a pummeling drum intro and is probably the most 'metal' track on the album.....and also my favourite!
'Me and Myself' seemed to remind me of 'Phantom of The Opera'......very over the top, dramatic (though excellent) vocals, and Letstat showing his Rob Halford side with amazing piercing screams dominating proceedings.  'Lord of The Blood' contains a fantastic guitar solo, the best on the album, and things finish off with 'Queen of The Ice', which begins with a beautiful piano part and Letstat telling us about a queen 'who lives in a castle in the ice'.  It's a sparse, simple ballad which rounds off the album nicely.
Overall, this is an album that I enjoyed more than I thought I would and for a debut album it sets the bands stall out nicely!

Review by: Dan Armstrong


01. Welcome
02. Bound To Hell
03. The Nightmare
04. Always Be The Same
05. Falling Star
06. Ecclesiae Iudicium
07. Torquemada
08. Love At Sundown
09. Me And Myself
10. Lord Of The Blood
11. Queen Of The Ice




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