Artist: Soundvison 
   Title: 4 Track Sampler
   Label: Independent Release

Soundvision are a North West London and that’s all I know about them, except that they still like to play grunge albums.  However, their sound is most certainly not grunge in any way, it's more indie with a little bit of U2 sound thrown in the mix.

The four tracks we were sent to showcase the band are musically very solid and I for one like their style, even given the lack of info supplied on the band.

The first track ‘Daylight’ reflects the bands overall sound with The Edge like guitar sound and the moody vocals.  Could these be the new U2 but without the politics?

The next track ‘Don’t Come Back’ is more of the same, but with the guitars being a more dominant feature. The third track is a more somber affair and this time it's the vocals that are the dominant feature on the track.  Highlighting perfectly the disposition of the vocalist.

The last track ‘Till The End’ is probably the nearest the band come to a grunge track.  With the down trodden vocals and the bass featuring more on this track than on any of the others.  The guitar doesn't really come into its own till three quarters way through the track.

All in all I was quite impressed with what I’ve heard from the band so far, but would like to hear more so I can get the whole picture of what the band are all about.


1. Daylight
2. Don't come Back
3. The One
4. Till the End





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