Artist: The Space Cowboys 
   Title: Dead End Streets & Devils Nights
   Label: Bad Reputation

The Space Cowboys are another kick ass rock n roll band from Sweden (where else), these four teenage tear-aways delivery it hard and fast.  Their no-nonsense glam punk rock is very much in the vain of the likes of Backyard Babies and Buckcherry.

It may not be a new sound, but it's still a classic sound that has lasted the test of time and still has its fans out there (me for one).

The bands latest release 'Dead End Streets & Devils Night' is fast paced rock with the bands influences such as The Ramones and The Stooges in full show.

The album opens up at break neck speed with 'Sleeping Enemy' and the pace continues throughout the album with tracks like 'Beat Me', 'Automatic Love' and 'Damnation High' setting the standards.

There is no time to catch your breath with each track rampaging through your speakers and the tuned out guitar leaving its scars on your psyche.

If your into the likes of Backyard Babies, Buckcherry, The Helicopters, The Ramones, then your gonna love this album, as it has all those bands smuggled in there somewhere.


1. Sleeping Enemy
2. Gimme Good
3. Beat Me
4. Dead End Streets
5. Automatic Love
6. Damnation High
7. Gotta Go
8. Nothing So Right
9. It's About Time 
10. Right Here, Right Now
11. Dirty Mind
12. Bad Vibration
13. Living Dead


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