Artist: Sphere Of Souls 
   Title: From The Ashes
   Label: Lion Music

From the Ashes is the debut release from Dutch band Sphere of Souls, whose band members read like a who’s who of Dutch progressive/ metal.

With former Sun Caged vocalist Andre Vuurboom and keyboard maestro Joost van den Broek also from Sun Caged, joined by bassist Kees Harrison formerly of Autumn Equinox, drummer Ruud van Diepen making the nucleus of the band, and the guitars provided by Rob Cerrone formerly of Imperium and Anand Mahangoe, the resulting album is something special.

The album opens up in spectacular fashion with the title track ‘From The Ashes’, with its haunting vocals and penetrating bass lines.  It builds from humble beginnings into a monster of a track and is a great opener to the album.

The quality continues with the heavier ‘Sweet Sorrow’ at track on which the vocals of Vuurboom really shine.

Things slow down once again for the atmospheric ‘Loss’ but things soon pick up on ‘Beneath the Surface’ with its majestic keyboards and driving guitars.

The band delves into the realms of progressive rock with ‘Empty’ with its haunting melody and futuristic electro keyboards.  The heavier elements have been few and far between so far on the album, but this is soon put right with the fantastic tour de force that is ‘Until Death Does Us Part’.  A track that has all the right elements to it, massive guitars, a powerhouse rhythm section, this is backed up with some fantastic vocals, the same quality is continued on ‘Extinct’ which make these two of my favourite tracks on the album by far.

The band certainly like to mix things up a bit, once again the soaring vocals of Vuurboom are put to the test on ‘Room 9’.  This band have a vast array of talent at there mercy and all aspects of said talent is put down on ‘No Salvation’, and the hard hitting ‘Lies In’, with each track highlighting the musicianship of all the band members.

After ‘Room 9’ the band knock on the door of ‘Room 6’ and enter its mysterious halls with a towering rhythm section and some excellent guitar work.  The album closes with the aptly named ‘Epilogue’, a slow closer that lets you contemplate what has gone before.

All in all a very impressive debut from the band.


1. From the Ashes ...
2. Sweet Sorrow
3. Loss
4. Beneath the Surface
5. Empty
6. Until death do us Part
7. Extinct 
8. Room 9
9. No Salvation
10. Untruth
11. Lies Inc.
12. Room 6
13. Epilogue 


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