Artist: Spill Sixteen  
   Title:  Let It All Hang Out
   Label: Independent Release  

Hailing from Yorkshire we have Spill Sixteen, who formed from the remains of a few bands such as Silverjet and Violent Angel. The album has been out a while and kind of slipped under our radar, but with the bands imminent appearance at the S.O.S. festival in Manchester, and having wowed the crowd at the recent Hard Rock Hell alongside greats such as Tesla and Skid Row, it would be rude not to review 'Let It all Hang Out'! 

On first listen I am instantly impressed by the bands pedigree and I hate to draw comparisons to other bands too much, but think  Rival Sons, Black Stone Cherry, a smattering of early Aerosmith and a helping of The Black Crows and you come up with Spill Sixteen! 

This is catchy Melodic Blues infused rock to let your hair down, and dance on the bar to, its rocking and rolling baby!

'Doing it Tonight' opens proceedings and the band put their cards on the table.  This is a rocking track that often opens the bands live set and I am not surprised, this is grooving, catchy blues sated party time rock!  'On My Way' kicks open the door and delivers some classy hooks to get you shaking and jumping around the room.  Hell yeah! It's been a while since I have heard an album that grabs your attention right away, makes you sit up and say yeah! This band is truly on their way! (Pun intended!) . 

'So Cruel' opens with an acoustic guitar and delivers on all fronts.  'Love Drunk' is sassy, an excellent ballad that should be heard worldwide and race up the charts getting this band headline gigs, to be fully noticed, not just by the rock crowd but by every music lover everywhere! 

The pedal is kicked down hard and some steel is added to heaviest track on here with 'Damned', so it is quite simply my favorite ... Itís always good to see a band mix it up and the band achieve this, with heavy riffs and head nodding approval with the 'Damned', as you delve further into the album with the quite outstanding and provocative 'You Make Me Cry', like the aforementioned 'Love Drunk', this should be out there and making people realise there is more to life than the X Factor.  Get out and support this band!! 

Final two tracks continue the good times 'Kick in the Face' is deep and chugging and gets your pulse racing and finale to this piece of exceptional work is 'One Way to Go', hell yeah, you could be in the Deep South drinking Jack with them good old boys Lynyrd Skynyrd! 

So basically Spill Sixteen bring something Bluesy, Sleazy and Rocking to the table, I donít think you will be disappointed by the bands album or live performance, the future looks bright for this band!

Review by: Seb Di Gatto 


1. Doing It Tonight
2. On My Way
3. Come With Me
4. So Cruel
5. Lovedrunk
6. We Stand Alone
7. Damned
8. All The Same
9. You Make Me Cry
10. By You
11. Kick In The Face
12. One Way To Go    



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