Artist: Spiral Arms  
   Title: Freedom 
   Label: SPV Records / Steamhammer  

Spiral Arms were formed in 2004, and have a stellar line up including Craig Locicero on lead guitar, who was formally with thrashers Forbidden, Tim Narducci from Systematic on Vocals / Guitar, Chris Lombardo (ex-Vicious Rumors) on bass, Anthony Traslavina on guitar, Brad Barth (keyboards) and drummer Ron Reeden. 

The band draws heavily on a Black Sabbath vibe, as well as a smattering of Led Zeppelin. The band does not seem to be so well known here in Europe, but after a few line-up changes in the past Spiral Arm seem to be  more settled, and have a released eleven tracks of classic rock with a modern groove. Opening with 'Dropping Like Flies', you are immediately taken into the bands zone, of heavy riffs and creative, catchy, musicianship, itís an enjoyable opener.  'Hold Me To The Sky' soars to the heavens, with a southern boogie tinge, then thereís my favorite track '3-Exit63', it's slowed down, nodding its head to the deep south like the previous track.  It's melodious with some nice hooks.  It kind of reminds me of a bright summers day on the beach, kicking back and having a beer.  

Next we are treated to over six minutes of soulful tones and meandering musicianship.  Yes it slows the pace down but not for long as 'Drugs & Alcohol' rips into the room, with some mean riffs, it is upbeat and heavy, as is the stonking 'Dealer', itís a rockers delight.  Then we get to 'Lovers Leap', this is a ballad thatís schmaltzy and acoustic, itís good, but not as good as the rest of the tracks on here. 

The band clearly are Black Sabbath fans, they show their faith and love in the aforementioned band with a superb cover of Sabbaths 'Tomorrows Dream'.  Now I am not mad on bands doing covers, but to be fair this is simply stunning and as good as the original.  Title track 'Freedom' drags you back to the time of the hippy inspired, psychedelic Seventies.  It captures the essence of that period well and has some grinding doom inspired musicianship as the song progresses.  It's deep, growly and rocking.  'I Lay Low' has that tinge of the bayou with whiskey soaked evenings, sitting on the veranda and rocking to these good time boys!!

You canít really fault anything on 'Freedom', itís an album to appeal to Hard Rockers, Metal Heads  and schmoozers the world over, with its Southern influenced, rocking good times, you canít go wrong with Spiral Arms.

Review by: Seb Di Gatto 


1. Dropping Like Flies
2. Hold Me To The Sky
3. Exit 63
4. Blackmoon Morning
5. Drugs & Alcohol
6. Dealer
7. Lovers Leap
8. Tomorrow's Dream
9. Freedom
10. I Lay Low   



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