Artist:  Spirits Of The Dead
   Title: The Great God Pan
   Label: Indie Recordings

This is the second album for the Norwegian psychedelic-stoner-folk-rock band with one foot in the sixties and seventies and the other firmly planted in the modern-day scene.  Their debut was released to critical acclaim from all.  This second album is a lot more experimental as the band has now found what works for them and have used it to their obvious advantage.

The almost sophomoric backing provided by an acoustic guitar, with other elements flitting in and out ass necessary.  As the songs progress, they move from the acoustic to the electric, with the drum now taking the place of the acoustic guitar readily.  At times there are heavy chords used but they seem to fit in with the electric.

As to fit in with the title, the songs all focus on natural phenomena according to their title and these phenomena dictates how the song is to be heard by all.  Itís really nice to have this occur and to have it done by one band in six songs (a short album nonetheless) but with the near-druidic focus on nature and its gods allows for so many different styles to be tested and attempted.

Itís really hard to try and pigeonhole this as it canít be done, so all I can say is that it is a mix of sub-genre of rock and metal, and the progressive meshing/mixing of them makes an unmistakable yet unique sound, which allows these guys to stand out from the crowd as it were.  Each song is different from the next, with the first lulling into a false sense of security.  The second is very folksy and quiet, like meandering through a wood.  I donít really have a favourite as I like all of them for their uniqueness.

Review by: Kerry H


1. Mighty Mountain
2. Leaves Of Last Fall
3. Pure As The Lotus
4. The Great God Pan!
5. Casting The Runes
6. Goldberry 



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