Artist: Spit Like This 
   Title: We Won't Hurt You (But We Won't Go Away) Ultimate Edition
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When it comes to good time rock n roll then look not further than the UK’s Spit Like This, a band who mix Gothic/ Punk/ Metal in their own very unique way. As part of their plan to conquer the world of rock n roll the band brought out their ‘We Wont Hurt You (But We Wont Go Away) – Ultimate Edition’ on an unsuspecting world.

The album is pure adrenalin groove filled rock with more swagger than you can shake as stick at it Rock Horror with added sleaze if that was possible.

From the opener and single ‘Sex, Drugs & Heavy Metal’ there is no doubting the vibe this band are bringing to the table, good time sleaze the will leave you with a naughty smile on your face.

This raunchy infested opus keeps going with ‘Heart Thief’ a bit of tongue and cheek sleaze here, with Lord Zion delivering that riotous almost Riff Raff style to the vocal delivery on this one. The same slung down vibe is carried on with ‘Trust Your Instincts’ with a touch of pop punk thrown in for good measure.

Things get a little heavier with ‘Young, Dumb & Full Of Fun’ this one has an air of Anti-Product about it, the dark bass vibes with more bounce than a airship on springs. ‘Dead Girl Walking’ touches on a New York Dolls vibe with Zion giving us is David Johansen vocal so far.

The tempo is picked up once more with ‘Down On You’ and the electro infused ‘Pussywhipped’ before the heady side of things comes to the fold with ‘Hunt You Down’, but it’s the heavier vibe of ‘Act of God’, then its one of my favourite tracks of the album the high octane guitar rich ‘Coming After You’ this is the B52’s meets every Sunset Strip glam band since 1985.

The band slip into groove mode with ‘Top Of The World’ and hit the sleaze swing road with ‘Sleaze Sells… But Who’s Buying’, then turn up the heat with ‘Trick Or Mistreat’ a real sleaze show tune if there ever was one, speaking of show tunes the album rounds off with the bonus track ‘Sweet Transvestite’ from the superb Richard O’Brian’s The Rocky Horror Show so the link between Riff Raff and Lord Zion isn’t as much a mystery then.

This is far beyond the norm but the band don’t claim to be normal in anyway, if you like something different, something a little underground this definitely for you, if you don’t mind music not being so serious then check out Spit Like This.  


Sex, Drugs & Heavy Metal

 Heart Thief

 Trust Your Instincts

 Young, Dumb & Full Of Fun

 Dead Girl Walking
Down On You


 Hunt You Down

Act Of God

 Coming After You

 Top Of The World
Sleaze Sells...But Who's Buying?

 Trick or Mistreat

 Bonus Track: Sweet Transvestite  



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