Artist: Spooky Jefferson's Ideal Lunch Box
   Title:  House Of Dolls
   Label: Independent Release  

Hailing from a planetoid unknown Spooky Jefferson’s Ideal Lunch Box are a quintet who have taken musical freedom and spun it on its head, mixing Ska with anything else they can get their hands on.  Think Madness meets Diablo Swing Orchestra and Chris Dale's Sack Trick.  They are for their sins Davie King (keys, trumpet, tenor sax), Kieran Jobling (vocals), Dean Wiseman (alto Sax), Allen Humes (guitar), Adam Broadbent (bass) and Raggz Chandan (drums) .

'House of Dolls' is the bands first EP and is five pieces of mind bending madness that gets underway with the instrumental piece ‘Spooky’s Lunchbox’.  It just one and a half minutes of unadulterated musical madness, from the opening keyboard flurry and the haunting saxophone, it reminds me of backing soundtrack to some silent movie horror that seamlessly leads into the more traditional Ska sounds of ‘Alien’ with frontman Kieran Jobling adding that Buster Bloodvessel style humorous vocal to the brass section and keyboards of Wiseman and King.

The tempo is picked up with almost unshakeable abandonment for the funky Ska filled ‘Cookie Spooky’, another fun filled semi-instrumental that leads into the equally fun soaked ‘Freak Show’, that has more than an edge of the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (lollypops anyone?) about it.

The EP closes with the title track ‘House of Dolls’, a mystic venture that takes Ska to the dark side and brings it back warped and twisted with a funky jazz element and rounds off what is a quite unique musical adventure.  If you ever wondered what goes on inside the mind of Tim Burton on his days off, then look no further, Spooky Jefferson is as dark as it is fun.  It’s a guilty pleasure you simply cannot live without, so take a step into the House Of Dolls you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find there!!!!! 


Review by: Barry McMinn 


1.  Spooky's Lunchbox
2. Aliens
3. Cookie Spooky
4. Freak Show
5. House of Dolls  



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