Artist: Staind 
   Title: 14 Shades Of Grey
   Label: Flip Records / Elektra

Following on from their multi-platinum album ‘Break The Circle’ Staind return with their new release ’14 Shades Of Grey’. And to be honest it is more of the same melancholy and downbeat lyrics that it really makes me wonder if the band are ever cheerful about anything.

If you enjoyed listening to the ‘Break The Circle’ album then this latest effort will appeal to you. Although I would strongly suggest you give it a listen before you buy it. I enjoyed the last album, but this one did nothing at all for me.

I feel that with the nu-metal sound on it’s way out, Staind are perhaps just a little too late with this album. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad album at all, but it just isn’t bringing anything new to the genre. I feel they could, and should have, perhaps spiced it up a bit. Surely the doom and gloom days of rock are over? People have had enough doom and gloom in their own modern day way of life without having it brought home in their music too.

To me music is supposed to be a relief from the day to day grind but this isn’t. The opening track ‘Price To Play’, which is also the single, starts the album off on the right foot. But then somewhere along the line it soon gets lost and loses that promise it first hinted at. I’d really love to tell you about the highlights on this album, but sadly I couldn’t find any.


   1. Price To Play
   2. How About You
   3. So Far Away
   4. Yesterday
   5. Fray
   6. Zoe Jane
   7. Fill Me Up
   8. Layne
   9. Falling Down
  10. Reality
  11. Tonight
  12. Could It Be
  13. Blow Away
  14. Intro


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