Artist: Stahlmann 
   Title: Quecksilber
   Label: AFM Records

This is the second release for this German based Gothic/Electro rock band.  The album title in English means ‘Mercury/Quicksilver’.  2010 was an extremely successful year or the band, after the release of their debut album and this is their eagerly awaited follow-up.  Stahlmann take Kraftwerk’s view of people as cold steely machine and tips it into their own blast furnace, reshaping and recharging how they see the world.

Their work is influenced greatly by Kraftwerk and Rammstein, with the latter being most obvious in the deep, guttural German-language lyrics.  However, instead of being deep and dark throughout, the EBM element to their work is much more evident, making it lighter yet still as impactful.  The guest female vocals on the first track gives a slight ethereal feel to their work as the two vocals are matched perfectly tone-wise as they work together and around each other to create a depth unimaginable in much EBM work. 

The EBM/electro is VERY evident throughout, and it appears to be this that bolsters the album.  This works supremely well against the odd guitar-piece worked within each song and around the vocals and EBM work.  This mix is possibly one of the richest and diverse uses within EBM that I have heard recently and this impacts on their work, giving it a unique if influenced sound that fits into the German/European scene perfectly .

Review by: Kerry H


1. Engel Der Dunkelheit
2. Spring Icht
3. Tanzmaschine
4. Asche
5. Mein Leib
6. Am Grunde
7. Goetter
8. Schmerz
9. Diener
10. Tanzmaschine (Club Remix)



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