Artist: State Of Rock 
   Title: A Point Of Destiny
   Label: Metal Heaven

It’s been four years since the last Frontline album ‘Circles’ and Bobby Böbel is set to return with a new band in the form of State Of Rock.  Along with Böbel comes fellow Frontliner’s Hutch Bauer and Rami Ali but what about a vocalist, well if you're gonna pick a vocalist then you couldn’t have done any better than Mr Tony Mills, so the line-up was now complete.

The chemistry between Böbel and Mills is almost Alchemy as the pair have come together to produce pure gold.

The bio that came with the album says the album is 75% Frontline and 25% Shy, to me that’s about the right proportions and this is apparent from the off with the opener ‘Black & Blue’, where Mills lays down that unique vocal while Böbel lays down some superb licks.  A great way to start a new album from a new band.

The album keeps you hooked with ‘Without My Love’, again the quality is hear in buckets full with Mills at his powerful best.  This high quality is continued on well into the likes of ‘Heartless Dreamer’,  'Don’t Make Me Cry’ and the excellent meaty rocker ‘Hanging In The Balance’.

This great album keeps producing the goods and ‘Freedom’ has to be my track of the album, a great mix of great guitars and a vocal second to none.  This high quality continues with another hard rocking moment in ‘Count Me Out’, another licks driven rock song at it’s very best.

The tempo is brought down a touch with the stirring melodies of the title track ‘A Point Of Destiny’.  Once again Mills is just magnificent as he brings power and grace to the track as only he can.

If I had to pick one outstanding track from the album then I would have to pick the rock infused ‘Friction’, it has it all.  Great guitar licks, a monster back beat and of course a mighty powerful vocal. 

The album closes in fine style with ‘Somewhere’ again riff laden rock for the masses.  I’ve often said that6 Mill’s talent as a vocalist is only seconded by his superb song-writing abilities and he and Böbel have taken this talent and united in one goal to show there is a niche for this type of music and if great albums like this continue in 2010 then there is hope for the music scene.


01. Black & Blue
02. Without My Love
03. Heartless Dreamer
04. Don't Make Me Cry
05. Hanging In The Balance
06. Freedom
07. Count Me Out
08. A Point Of Destiny
09. Friction
10. Somewhere




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