Artist: Stiff Kittens 
   Title: Stiff Kittens
   Label: Independent Release

With influences as diverse as The Cult, The Cure, Nirvana, Queen, and the Manic Street Preachers, Stiff Kittens come across as a solid trio simply brimming with musical talent. The three tracks on this promo sampler are taken from their second album 'Won't Reach The Filth'.

The opening track on this offering is a tribute to Kurt Cobain simply titled 'Kurt Cobain'. A catchy track that soon has you bounding around in your seat with your foot tapping furiously. Hugely addictive, it's one thatís guaranteed to get the crowd going at even the coldest of gigs.

Starting with a mid tempo guitar solo it soon bursts into life with the help of loud and proud drums and guitars. This particular track smacks very much of the Manic's and without sounding like a poor mans copy of this legendary band, the song stands strong on it's own.

Indeed if this were a band to go in for singles then this one would be a prime choice to hit the airwaves with. Well structured it balances the need to keep the tempo lively enough to get the listener to actually listen, while combining this with some thoughtful pauses before bursting into action again. Nothing hurried, nothing rushed, but certainly nothing sleepy about this little gem.

By the time the second track comes on you realize just how talented these three musicians are. 'The Liar's Song' has all the ingredients of a rock anthem with its catchy chorus and exciting guitar riffs. Almost punk like in attitude it's in your face and teases you into quick submission. Ever stage dived before? No?? Well just wait till you hear the band perform this live, I bet you'll be up there climbing above the heads of your fellow man to ride the waves of frenzied fans.

Last song from the trio on this sampler is 'The Moth Collection'. Now when I saw the name of this I thought Ö what the heck is that all about? Oh but when it comes on, gradual building up with the guitars like a horse breaking from a trot to a canter to a gallop, it captures your imagination as you eagerly wait for it to break into song. An excellent example of the diversity this band are able to produce in their work it's the closest thing to the spirit of U2 I have heard in a long time. It's slightly more sedated than the earlier two tracks but sang with commitment and passion. Such an emotional song that will catch you rather surprised in comparison to the other two tracks.

If this was put on in a club I am sure that 99% of the people there would just get up and dance automatically to it and presume it was the new U2 single. Believe me it really is that good and is probably my favourite out of the three. Well saved till last.

The band are currently working on their third album, which they hope to release later this year. Watch out for 'The Ivory Trade' and the tour which is destined to follow. Hailing from the Blackwood area of South Wales, this band are here to show you that there are alternative exports to sheep coming out of there.

I for one will be keeping my fingers crossed they venture up North so that we can check them out and see them perform these songs in all their glory. This is not a band that you say will 'perhaps' make it, this is a band that you know 'will' break it and when they do they'll do it big time.


1. Kurt Cobain
2. The Lair's Song
3. The Moth Collection






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