Artist: Stolen Mirror 
   Title: Stolen Mirror
   Label: Copro Records

Another country to emerge, as a hot bed of new talent is Italy and another band to bring the flair of the Italians to a greater audience are Stolen Mirror. The band were only put together three years ago, but the four members of the band Andrea Tomasi (vocals), Rick Romano (guitar and keys), Nick Girardis (bass) and Gianluca Sisi (drums), have put together a very mature rock album that has similarities to Audioslaves debut album, with Tomasi’s vocals being one of the many highlights of the album.

The album opens up with ‘Meanings’, a solid start to the album with the instant clarity of the magnitude of the vocal talent that is Tomasi. The album continues to impress with ‘Underneath’, a track that starts off superbly with a great riff by Romano, which continues throughout the track a more up-tempo track than the first that starts off from humble beginnings but builds into monster.

The next two tracks are ‘Not A Perfect Dream Pt 1 The Dream’ and ‘ Not A Perfect Dream Pt 2 The Life’, two very different pieces with one theme.  The first part is a more mellow affair than the previous two songs, the two tracks are almost seamless and are more as one, than the track listing suggests and highlights not only Tomasi’s vocals and Romano’s talents as a guitar player, but also their combined talents as song writers.

The pace picks back up again with my personal favourite off the album ‘Feels’, a real tour de force on an already impressive album.

Its time for a more gentle turn of pace with the haunting yet powerful ‘Last Time’ before the hard-hitting tones of ‘ Wasted Words’.

Things get a little soulful on ‘In The Night’ before the intensity increases with the majestic ‘Essence’, a track that wouldn’t go amiss on any melodic hard rock album.  The closer ‘Way Of Life’ is another more mellow track that is a perfect way to end the album as it lets you unwind and reflect on what is a quite superb release.


1. Meanings
2. Underneath
3. Not A Perfect Dream - Part A - The Dream
4. Not A Perfect Dream - Part B - The Life
5. Fools
6. Last Time
7. Wasted Words
8. In The Night
9. Essence
10. Way Of Life


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