Artist: Stone Gods  
   Title: Silver Spoons and Broken Bones
   Label: Piasuk

When Justin Hawkins left The Darkness the rest of the band didn’t sit around and wonder what if, instead Dan, Richie and Ed decided not to let the rock n roll in their veins die with the demise of The Darkness and set about reinventing themselves as Stone Gods the enlisted the bass talents of Toby McFarlaine and so the line-up was complete the band were not ready to conquer the world.

With Richie Edwards taking up vocal duties and returning to his beloved six string along with Dan the pair ignite the album with some lightning fast riffs and along with the powerhouse drumming of Ed Graham the band are well on their way to stardom with this quite exquisite old school rock n roll album.

If anyone got hold of the bands EP 'Burn The Witch' then you know the direction the band have taken, this band are a long way from The Darkness sound with Edwards vocals being the foundation for band to build on along with his and Hawkins massive guitar sound.

The album gets underway with ‘Burn The Witch’ and those of you who didn’t go out and buy the EP are in for a rock n roll beating of immense proportions as the band come out of the blocks like an express train to nowhere with Edwards laying down a mighty vocal on this anthemic opener.

The rock n roll express keeps on going with the excellent ‘Don’t Drink The Water’ another guitar fuelled rocker that reminds me very much of the early Wildhearts good time rock n roll, again Hawkins and Edwards power through the track with McFarlaine and Graham pummelling out a monstrous back beat.

‘Defend Or Die’ is full steam ahead riff laden rock at its finest with a dark edged vocal start from Edward before the track really explodes into a mix of heady guitar and bass.

One of the many highlights of the album has to be the superb ‘You Brought A Knife To A Gun Fight’ a slung down guitar riff gets this one underway as Hawkins really shows what a great guitar player he really is, and along with Edwards the pair really bring the album to life.

The band aren’t all guns blazing rock they do have a somewhat softer side as the excellent ‘Magdalene Street’ shows with Edwards taking up the acoustic six string for this gentle refrain.

But what the band are really about is good time rock and the tempo is brought straight back up with ‘Where You Coming From’ before returning to the gentle side of the band with another fine rock ballad ‘Lazy Bones’.

Its back to the anthemic hard rock with ‘I’m With The Band’ this one starts of with a duel guitar intro that is the mainstay of the bands sound before Edwards hard edged vocals break through the riffs and make there presence felt in the most spectacular fashion.

The band bring in a little more Melodic stylings with the excellent ‘Start Of Something’ before really going for the jugular with ‘Make It Hard’ a real foot stomper again it has that Wildheart’s feel to it, then its one of my personal favourites and in my mind the perfect track to put out as the next single ‘Wasting Time’.

But the new single is next ‘Knight Of The Living Dead’ is in the same vane as ‘Wasting Time’ but a little more hard hitting vocally.

This tremendous debut closes with some more good time rock n roll with  ‘Oh Whereo My Beero’ this is a real Saturday night sing a long song that rounds off a great album and show that even after The Darkness a little light comes shining through to give you hope.   


1 Burn The Witch
2 Don't Drink The Water
3 Defend Of Die
4 You Brought A Knife To Gun Fight
5 Magdalene Street
6 Where You Coming From
7 Lazy Bones
8 I'm With The Band
9 Start Of Something
10 Making It Hard
11 Wasting Time
12 Knight Of The Living Dead
13 Oh Whereo My Beero


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