Artist: Stormwarrior 
   Title: Heading Northe
   Label: Dockyard 1

'Heading Northe' is the third album from German power-metallers Stormwarrior and here they continue along the same Helloween-worshipping path as their previous efforts 'Stormwarrior' and 'Northern Rage'. With song titles like 'And The Horde Calleth For Oden', 'Into The Battle', 'And The Valkyries Ride' and a viking longboat on the front cover, you pretty much know what you’re going to get and Stormwarrior don’t disappoint.

The album starts with a classic power metal call to arms in the form of the title track and follows on in much the same vein with ‘Metal Legacy’ and the seven minute mini-epic ‘The Holy Cross’.  This continues throughout the whole album with only ‘The Revenge Of Asa Lande’ slowing the pace down yet still being just as anthemic as any of the other songs.

And here lies Stormwarrior’s strength – they know how to write a big sing-along anthem or two and they indulge this talent at every available opportunity. You won’t find any acoustic ballads on their records and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Everything is played at breakneck speed, the guitar solos are blistering and the vocals just beg you to raise a tankard of ale and sing-along as loud as you can – in other words, everything you want from a decent power metal band. With a big nod to their heroes Helloween (singer Lars Ramcke sounds more than just a little like Kai Hansen here) Stormwarrior know that they’re not re-inventing the wheel here and nor do they need to.

This is power metal at it’s unashamed grandest. Sure it’s not that original but who cares when the songs make you want to get drunk, sing at the top of your voice and air-guitar like a complete loon? This is worthy of any power metal fan looking to expand their collection – recommended.

Best Tracks – ‘Heading Northe’, ‘Lion Of The Northe’.

Review by: Adam G


  1. And The Horde Calleth For Oden
  2. Heading Northe
  3. Metal Legacy
  4. The Holy Cross
  5. Iron Gods
  6. Ragnarok
  7. The Revenge Of Asa Lande
  8. Remember The Oathe
  9. Lion Of The Northe
10. Into The Battle
11. And The Valkyries Ride


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