Artist: Stormzone 
   Title: Caught In The Act
   Label: Escape Music

Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland, this five piece hard rock band have their roots firmly in the classic rock scene, with the bands influences being the likes of Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Dio and Journey as well as the whole NWOBHM era.  The band itself consists of John Harv Harbinson on vocals, Keith Harris on guitar, Peter Rondo Macken on bass, Stevie Prosser on keyboards, and completing the line-up Julian Watson on drums.

You might think that with all those influences are they just another band trying to relive those glory days we all loved, well not quite, what they have succeeded to do with this new album is take all those early inspirations and bring it bang up to take.

The album opens up with ‘Spellbound’, a track that is well within the parameters of the NWOBHM sound, with its slow built up then the explosive start with Harbinson’s classic rock style vocals.

The band carries on the classic rock sound with the No Sweat sounding ‘Hold Onto Her Love’ (yes I know Harv sang with No Sweat), but this time there’s a little more bite to the guitar sound.

The band bring things down a touch with the ‘Stranger Things Have Happened’, another guitar rich track, but it's Harbinson’s vocals that really shine out on this one, where they have just a touch of the Toby Jepson’s about them.

Things start rocking with the excellent ‘Nervous Breakdown’, a real stormer of a track that shows the band can rock with the best of them.  The classic rock feel continues with ‘ Crying In The Rain’, a track that makes you feel very nostalgic for by-gone times.

The same can be said about the NWOBHM feel with the guitar laden ‘Call Of The Wild’, another track that has its heart and soul deep in the 80's and it even comes complete with snarling intro.

The band once again shows their rockier side with another quality power ballad entitled 'Beating of a Heart' and the up-tempo Purple-esq 'New World', before things get really melodic with 'Tuggin At My Heartstrings'.

The band step out of the shadows of their influences with probably my favourite track off the album 'Sky High', another track where Harbinson really shines as a melodic rock vocalist.

The album closes with 'Rock On Through The Night', another piece of 80's inspired Melodic Hard Rock which rounds off an album that will have those in the Melodic rock pundits hailing the band as the new messiah’s of the genre, but personally although this is a good melodic rock album, it's still lacking that certain spark to bring something new to the genre.


1. Spellbound
2. Hold Onto Her Love
3. Stranger Things Have Happened
4. Nervous Breakdown
5. Crying In The Rain 
6. Call Of The Wild
7. Beating Of A Heart
8. New World
9. Tuggin At My Heartstrings
10. Sky High
11. Rock On Through The Night


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