Artist: The Storyteller 
   Title: Underworld
   Label: Black Lodge

'Underworld' is the fourth full length album from power metallers The Storyteller. With this release the band have gone for a musical change in direction and have decided on a more heavy metal sound with this album, while still retaining their power metal roots.

The opening track 'The Changeling' is a song that just goes to show that you donít have to be loud to be better. The sweeping guitars and double bass drum really make this a great way for the band to introduce their new direction without disappointing their diehard fan base.

After listening to the album a few times it finally struck me who the vocals reminded me of the have a similar vain to one Blaze Bailey of Wolfsbane and Iron Maiden fame, none more so than on 'Eyes of the Dead'.

The band go for a more prog metal sound on 'The Fiddler' complete with a haunting fiddle playing throughout the track.

'Watcher in the Deep' is another superb track, only this time very similar to Dream Evil in concept but without the cheesiness that you sometimes come across on Dream Evil albums.

The mood takes a definite change in direction on 'Your Time Has Come', as the acoustic guitar is in heavy use throughout the song and there's almost a hint of Jethro Tull in resulting sound, only without the flute, which all makes for a very interesting addition to the album.

Then it's back to the heavier stuff with 'Beauty And The Beast'. Possibly the heaviest track on the album apart from the cover track (but more of that later).

The title track 'Underworld' is my favourite track of the album with its heavy bass and pulsating drums.  'Magic Element' is another barnstormer of a track with its high-octane guitars and the blistering pace of the drums which combined make this a true power metal track for sure.

'Shine On' is another track that sees the guitars take over the track as the dip and soar in and out of the track amongst the hammering drums and pounding bass.

The final track was quite a surprise the only cover on the album and what a track to cover Motorheads 'Ace of Spades' and by god do the do it credit, a great way to end a superb album and I look forward to more of the same on the next release.


1. Changeling
2. Eyes of the Dead
3. The Fiddler
4. Watcher in the Deep
5. Your time has Come
6. Beauty is the Beast
7. Underworld
8. Magic Elements
9. Shine On
10. Ace of Spades


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