Artist: Strain 
   Title: Strain (demo)
   Label: Total Impact Records

Hailing from Bolton, England, Strain are a five piece metal ensemble who class their music as Crust Metal and with this four track demo taken from their debut album simply title ‘Strain’, the band show they are more that just Crust, there is some meat and bones beneath that exterior.

Led by the charismatically titled front man P.C. on vocals, he's accompanied by Al Soudah and Mas Chiswala on guitars, Bill Halliwell on bass, and completing this quintet we have Sandy on drums.  The band unleash their metal assault with ‘April’, a track whose demo version was featured on Daredevil Records 'Burn The Street' compilation back in 2004.  Which was actually the only track by an unsigned band to be included on the entire compilation.  The band mix the heady bass tones with the growling tones of P.C., against some excellent doom ridden guitars to produce a quite sound of their own, not quite Hardcore, but 100% metal.

The second offering is ‘Beneath The Surface’, a more doom ridden effort with a much more intense bass sound and a thumping drum section.  This is followed by the more upbeat and more guitar based ‘That Which I Despise’, which starts off with a few guitar licks before the angst filled vocals of P.C. take over and then dominate the track.

The final track on this short delve into the band's offerings is ‘Something More’, which is probably my favourite of the four tracks on this demo. The up-tempo feel of this track is much more to my liking and the guitars are really something else on this one.

Overall not a bad effort and I would like to hear the full album to see how the band come across with more songs to work with.


1. April
2. Beneath The Surface
3. That which I Despise
4. Something More





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