Artist: Stream of Passion 
   Title: The Flame Within
   Label: Napalm Records

Following hot on the footsteps of their countrymen (and women) Within Temptation, come female-fronted goth-metal crew Stream of Passion from the Netherlands.  As the market is already chocked full of these bands then each one that comes to the fore undoubtedly has to have something vaguely unique about them to attract them to more than just the genre’s die-hards.  And herein lies the problem.  Stream of Passion have created a decent album full of pleasant songs that would no doubt do the job nicely when one would have the time to listen to the whole album.  However, none of the songs here really stand out and they do tend to blend into one another.
There’s no doubting the talent on offer here, however.  Mexican-born front-woman Marcela Bovio is a fine singer and the band behind her are accomplished enough but despite the occasional moments of inspired twin-guitar duelling between Eric Hazebroek and Stephan Schultz you’d be forgiven for thinking they were only employed on a part-time basis. 

‘Games We Play’ is about the heaviest the band get on the album is the only real departure from standard goth-metal style of the rest of the record and is the most obvious choice for the first single.  If you like you’re female-fronted metal with a bit of bombast and a large helping of piano and keyboards then 'The Flame Within' would be a good purchase, if however you’ve got just about all the Nightwish, Lacuna Coil and Evanescence you think you’re going to need then it’s still worth a listen, but there may not be enough to drag you back for a second go. 

A good album but one that is just lacking that all important ‘x-factor’ to pull them out of the middle of the pack and into the genre’s elite.
Review by: Adam G


1. Art Of Loss
2. In The End
3. Now Or Never
4. When You Hurt Me The Most
5. Run Away
6. Games We Play
7. This Endless Night
8. My Leader
9. Burn My Pain
10. Let Me In
11. Street Spirit
12. Part Of You
13. All I Know



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