Artist: Street Talk 
   Title: V
   Label: MTM Music

'V' sees the welcome return to form of Swedish melodic hard rockers Street Talk and is the bands first studio release since their 2002 album Restoration.  'V' was the album that was never supposed to be, the band's best of album ‘Destination’ released in 2004 was supposed to be their swan song, but the band met exactly one year later and decided to give Street Talk one more go.

With the band's line up remaining the same as on the ‘Restoration’ album with Goran Edman on vocals, Fredrik Bergh on keyboards, Sven Larsson on Guitars, Bjorn Lodmark on Bass, and finally Christian Johansson on drums, the solid basis of which to continue the sound of Street Talk.

The album itself remains true to the Street Talk sound with the opener ‘Responsible’ getting things off to a great start.  It’s a great mid tempo rocker that sets the wheels in motion with Edmans vocals sounding great, a melodic rock fans delight.

The album continues with the Journey-esq ‘Don’t Believe’, a track that hints at being a power ballad.  The tempo is picked up on ‘If I Could’, a really big song for the band with some great melodies and excellent guitar work by Larsson.

The gentler paced tracks like ‘At The End Of The Day’ and ‘Groundhog Day’ are just AOR at its finest, although it’s the mid paced tracks like ‘Family Business’ and the excellent ‘Just A Little Appetizer’ that really do it for me.  The band also go a little political with the gentle ‘Something’s Got To Give’.

All in all an excellent comeback album and a one very worthy of the Street Talk name.


1. Responsible
2. Don't Believe
3. If I Could
4. At the end of the Day
5. Family Business
6. Just a little Appetizer
7. Something's gotta Give
8. Groundhog Day
9. Sniper
10. Oh Maddy
11. Brother sun and sister Moon


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