Artist: Superfecta 
   Title: Superfecta 
   Label: Independent Release  

From London we have Superfecta, formed in 2011 these rockers bring to the table a grunge inspired, rocking, melodic sound that’s catchy and enjoyable.  'She’s a Star' is winding and groove laden rock, reminiscent in tone of some Seattle grunge bands, it grows on you and gets under your skin?  'Paradox' is upbeat and has a sing-along chorus, with a tight sound and shredding riffs it is my favourite track on the EP.  

The second track in, sees the band stepping down a gear, 'Inside' showcases the bands talents and is intelligent with an absorbing tune.  Final track 'Pendulum' is a rocking, dancing on tables, swinging round lampposts kind of tune, with swirling guitars, it's nearly 3 minutes of rocking music .. super! Check out the artwork, it's eye catching and grabs your attention, just as the music does!

So to sum up.  I am really impressed by Andy Urwins vocals and the bands musicianship throughout the EP.  If there’s any justice, a band with such amazing abilities should be huge and taken notice of by the mainstream media.  I for one hope they are and being based in the capital can only be a major plus for Superfecta!

Review by: Seb Di Gatto 


1. She's A Star
2. Paradox
3. Inside
4. Pendulum    



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