Artist: Sven Gali 
   Title: Sven Gali
   Label: Cleopatra Records

Yet another gem that came out in 1992. The rock world was undergoing major changes about this time and this can be the only reason that this band never really got off the starting blocks.

The sound was tight, the songs were strong, visually the members appealed to the mass market, so what happened?

Had this album come out in the mid eighties they would have been worshipped as gods. If you like your rock hairy and heavy then these are for you.

Wanna dance? well turn to 'Freakz', 'Real Thing' or 'Disgusteen'.

Love a nice ballad? try 'Love don't live here Anymore' or 'Whisper in the Rain'.

Or do you prefer your rock fast and furious with plenty of guitars and drums? Well we've something for you too! 'Here today gone Tomorrow'.


 1. Under the Influence
 2. Tie dyed Skies
 3. Sweet Little Gypsy
 4. In my Garden
 5. Freakz
 6. Love don't live here Anymore
 7. Stiff Competition
 8. Real Thing
 9. Whisper in the Rain
10. 25 hours a Day
11. Here today, gone Tomorrow
12. Disgusteen


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