Artist: Svolk
   Title: Svolk Em All
   Label: Napalm Records

This is the second album from this bear-metal outfit from Oslo.  After establishing themselves in Norway they played to screaming fans at Sweden Rock Festival in 2008 and from then on have propelled forward ever since.  The bear metal is also backed by an homage to the traditional metal mater of the 80's, with a dose of stoner rock dropped in for good measure – brutal and charming; this five piece will eat you up if you let them.

This ‘bear metal’ has its roots deeply within the folk metal genre, however with more power.  It’s more of a brutal folk metal if anything, and this brutality is primarily shown through the instrumentals.  They switch from folksy Texas style to Black Stone Cherry style within the space of one song, which is a good way of showing what they can do.

Using more convention vocals, they are hung on the rolling backbeat provided by the drummer, with the guitar seeming to find a way between the two which suits it.  This is more conventional metal after getting past the electro-acoustic opening, but this mix works spectacularly well for this band.  Throughout the album, the speed and use of the guitars vary as the vocalist stays within his range neatly, allowing nothing to be overwhelmed by another piece within.  This balance also works well and allows for an easy listening quality to be put within the album.

A favourite track at the moment is 52, which opens the album.  With its mix of folksy beginnings backed by a later heaviness, this shows what Svolk are really all about

Review by: Kerry H


1. 52
2. This Is it
3. Anchor
4. Sweet Agony
5. Miss Alcohol
6. 12 Times The Pain
7. End Of Days
8. Inferno
9. Dead 00:30
10. Time For The Dying (Bonus Track)
11. Warm Within (Bonus Track)
12. Overload (Bonus Track)



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