Artist: Swamp Freaks
   Title: Swampfreaks
   Label: Swampfreaks Productions

Swamp Freaks is the new band formed by former Threshold vocalist Andrew Mac McDermott and long time friend Hilly, along with friends Chris on drums and Gav on bass.

The band are as far away as Mac could get from Threshold and are all out groove filled Classic Rock from the off.  These six tracks included on this EP show what Mac is all about vocally and anyone who has sampled his Sargent Fury material knows what we're talking about.

The EP get's off to a great start with ‘Gaitor’ keeping up with the Swamp Freaks name.  From the off the tuned down chunky guitars of Hilly play the perfect balance for Mac’s phenomenal vocal prowess, all against a solid bass ridden platform by Gav.

‘Monkey In Your Bed’ again is full on funk o' metal with more groove than a box of old LP’s with Mac’s vocals once again dominating the track.

The tempo is brought down a touch with ‘Broken’, a solemn vocal from Mac leads this one before the guitars of Hilly take over and the song takes on a new life.  This leads us to my favourite of the six, the rocking multi faceted grooves of ‘Tiny People’.  This is old school rock at its best, with Hilly once again providing that a real meaty guitar sound to proceedings.

One track where Mac really shows off those fantastic pipes of his is on ‘Fell To Ground’, before things close off with another favourite of mine, ‘Follow Me’.  It's big grooves once more and heady bass lines filled to the brim and rounds off this EP in style.

Whether the band go on to album status or not, this is the album Mac wanted to do and with long term pal Hilly at his side, the voice of Threshold is doing what he wants and the writing music that he feels passionate about.  Good luck we say to Mac and the boys.

01. Guitar
02. Monkey In Yer Bed
03. Broken
04. Tiny People
05. Fell To Ground
06. Follow Me




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