Artist:  Swampfreaks
   Title: WWW.Com
   Label: Blagged Records

When he’s not the sound guy at Trillian’s Rock Bar in Newcastle, Hilly is teaming up with long time pal Andrew Mac McDermott of former Threshold and now Powerworld frontman along with Gav and Chris under the SwampFreaks moniker.

This album takes up where the 2009 EP left off; seven more groove filled rock songs join those six tracks that were on the EP.

The album get's underway with ‘Gator’, from the off it's groove filled Classic/Hard Rock, a million miles away from the Threshold and the Powerworld power metal stuff Mac is perhaps better know for, but this is just a short step away from his Sargent Fury days, and to be honest Mac could sing the phone book and make it sound melodic. This is pure groove filled rock that just has that 70’s bass ridden vibe, that makes for a wonderful warm sound that just makes you want to dig out some flares and get you funk on.

‘Plastic’ is the first of the songs that didn’t appear on the EP, again a big chunky bass line runs through the entirety of this one, along with a tuned down guitar lick courtesy of Hilly, which drives this one ever forward. But of course the real joy of this one is Mac’s superb vocals as he delivers the perfect classic rock vocal, melody rich and as smooth a baby’s you know what!

This album is jammed to the brim with chunky grooved filled rock as the album continues with the thumping ‘Strange Brew’.  Again Mac’s vocals just fill the track with such an air of melodic power, which has always been his forte.  Llike I said before, the guy could sing out the names in the phone book and make it sound melodic.

The tempo is picked up with the solid rocker ‘Monkey In Yer Bed’, this one I could play time and time again, it has such a great chorus line and more groove filled harmonies than you can shake a stick at ... or in this case a banana at ... (monkey get it!), then it's time to bring it back down with the mellow ‘Broken’ as Mac brings in his A-game to this gentle rocker.

The pace is picked up once more with the funko-metal vibe of ‘If The Light’ and the excellent ‘Crumble Pie’.  The latter being one of my tracks of the album as it just rocks and that’s all I need to say! Then we get a little Stevie Salas with the funky jazz rock mix of ‘The Grunge’, before bringing a little heavier feel to proceedings with ‘Come Undone’, featuring a stunning mix of heady bass and tuned out guitars.  This one has single written all over it.

I would have put the last song ‘Come Undone’ as my favourite off the album but it comes a close second to the fantastic ‘Tiny People’, this is just twist the whole funk o' metal vibe around and mixes it with some great melodic moments in this multi-layered masterstroke.

The tempo is brought down with the haunting and moody ‘Fell to Ground’, before being picked up big style with the excellent rocker ‘Bad Thing’.  The album comes to a close as it started with a big grooved rocker in ‘Follow Me’, which rounds off a great album that I could listen to time and time again and will do.  No matter what your musical inclinations, you can't but admire the sweet sweet groove of the SwampFreaks. Never has the bayou been so tempting because if this is the music of the swamps, then grab yourself a gator and trip the light funktastic. 


1. Gator
2. Plastic
3. Strange Brew
4. Monkey In Yer Bed
5. Broken
6. If The Light
7. Crumble Pie
8. The Grunge
9. Come Undone
10. Tiny People
11. Fell To Ground
12. Bad Thing
13. Follow Me



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