Artist: System Of A Down 
   Title: Toxicity
   Label: American Recordings / Columbia

Here it is, the long awaited second album from those Armenian madmen known as System of a Down! Has it been worth the wait? Oh yes!

If you haven't heard SOAD's music before, you might have thought them to be just another nu-metal band. How wrong you would be. They have a sound like no one else. This is 100% unique. It's also maybe an acquired taste due to the vocal styles of the front man, one minute manic shouting, the next tunefully sung verses then high pitched squealing!

From the first song 'Prison', you know this is going to be a great CD. Then it just gets better, with 'Needles', this is a crazy mixture of down tuned riffing and bizarre folk music, complete with shouted 'Hey's', then just when you least expect it, a melodic sung chorus, then, 'Boom', gutteral roars and the tempo explodes again!

Later on in the album we have the single 'Chop Suey'. You've probably heard this with it's chorus of 'Wake up, grab a brush and put a little make up'.

It's worth buying the album just for this song, it is fantastic! Already being played in rock clubs, this is a mega mosh friendly song if ever I heard one. Again, it slows down, but just when you least expect it, it explodes like a drug fuelled elephant in a box of fireworks!

I'm not going to spoil the surprise by describing every song. Lets just say if you want some heavy/incredibly fast/catchy/melodic music, go and buy it now, there isn't a weak song on this disc.


1.  Prison Song
2. Needles
3. Deer Dance
4. Jet Pilot
5. X
6. Chop Suey
7. Bounce
8. Forest
10. Science
11. Shimmy
12. Toxicity
13. Psycho
14. Aerials

* Studio footage + bonus track


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