Artist: Tango Down   
   Title:  Identity Crisis
   Label: Kivel Records  

'Identity Crisis' is the third album from Hard Rockers Tango Down and is the first to feature David Reece on vocals, and again like the two previous albums, the change in vocalist has taken the band up another lever.  The debut album 'Take One' was very much an album of the era, as was the second 'Damage Control', but with 'Identity Crisis' the band with Reece at the helm have taken that extra step to bring big arena rock back to the masses, with more edge than a box of razor blades. 

From the opener ‘Cryin’ To Me’ Reece’s unmistakable vocals make their mark on the listener from the off.  His gritty yet melodic vocals are the perfect foil for this album, because of the harder edge mainly led by the guitars of Scott Rif Miller, aided and abetted by the awesome rhythm section of Keith Michaels and Chris Konys. 

The band show off that melodic yet hard edge to great effect with ‘Alone’, before bringing the heat once more with the excellent ‘Dream Child’ and the riff laden ‘Blame’, which is actually one of my favourite tracks off the album.

Then that melodic almost AOR feel is brought to the forefront once more with ‘Corners of My Mind’.  This is Reece at his very best, for those familiar with Bangaloir Choir will know what I’m talking about.

It's back to the big riffs of Miller for the stirring hard rocker ‘Enlighten Me’, before the tempo is brought down a touch with the ballad ‘Back To Life’, again with Reece is at his vocal best.

There a touch of the old school 80’s riff filled rock that sculptured a genre in ‘Hearts Catch Fire’.  It has that almost KISS feel about it.  That same 80’s inspired hard rock comes across one the stunning ‘Calling Out’, before the album closes in fine style with the almost Whitesnakesque ‘Magic Pudding’.  A great closer for what is a great third album.  Although released in 2012, this is one of those album that nearly went by without the praise it deserves.  Let's hope we hear more from Tango Down in 2013/14, for me crisis over. 

Review by: Barry McMinn 


1. Cryin' To Me
2. Alone
3. Dream Child
4. Blame
5. Corners Of My Mind
6. Enlightens Me
7. Back To Life
8. Hearts Catch Fire
9. Calling Out
10. Magic Pudding    



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