Artist: Temple Nightside  
   Title:  Condemnation
   Label: Nuclear Winter Records  

Hailing from Australia’s black metal scene, Temple Nightside arrive with their first full-length album.  This was my first taste of Australian black metal and it was nothing short of a total assault on the senses!  From the opening track ('Shrine of Summon'), the brutal low fi recording quality and sheer intensity of the music would make the most hardcore fan of heavy metal shudder.  The vocals are maliciously growled out in almost a possessed fashion and were clearly recorded with the intent of making the listeners skin crawl. 

Offering a temporary release from the ruthlessness, 'Pillars of Ancient Death' is an eerie track that reminisces of random tape-recorded sounds.  Aside from the barbarity of the music and vocals, there is a lot of atmosphere crafted around the instrumentation as demonstrated in 'Daggers of Necromantic Decay', (which sounds like it could have been placed into the soundtrack of a horror movie from the 1980s). 

Temple Nightside certainly achieves the distinctive cold sound that black metal needs.  This is highlighted in the nine-minute album closer 'Miasma', which encompasses various levels of tension with the repetition of riffs and merciless attack of the rhythm section. 

To sum, up this is a decent album but it is not something I would particularly recommend to a first time listener of Black metal music.

Review by: Rob Herald 


1.  Shrine Of Summon
2. Exhumation
3. Abhorrent They Fall
4. Pillar Of Ancient Death
5. Dagger Of Necromantic Decay
6. Ascension Of Decaying Forms
7. Command Of The Bones
8. Miasma  



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