Artist: Tigertailz   
   Title: Knives 
   Label: Scarlet Records  

When the world of Glam and Hair Metal was focused on Hollywood and Sunset Strip with the likes of the Crue, Poison and the like, the UK was represented by the Welsh Hair Metallers Tigertailz, who's 'Bezerk' album is still today regarding as one of the pinnacles of UK and World Glam. 

Now some two decades since 'Bezerk' was first released, and six years since the last music from the band, we see guitarist Jay Pepper and long time drummer Matt Blackout return, along with Rob Wylde on bass and new vocalist Aussie Jules Millis (White Widdow) for this five track EP 'Knives'.

The EP takes the classic Tigertailz sound and gives a modern hard rocking edge.  The Glam is still there, but the glitter is now not so much tinsel as grinded razorblades.

The EP opens up with ‘Shoe Collector’, this is classic tongue and cheek Tigertailz and also the first single off the EP.  This  is just pure Glam with plenty of bite.  Peppers guitars scream out while Wylde and Blakout lay down the head rhythms, before it's time for Millis to make his mark, and make it he does as he wailz like a demon.  I’ve seen this guy perform live with White Widdow and I know all to well he can deliver the goods live, as well on album.

Things continue to impress with the power driven old school Power Glam ‘One Life’, a really impressive, mid tempo rocker that really impresses from the off, before it's foot on the gas big style with the angsty anthemic rocker ‘Bite The Hand’.

The gritty hard rocking continues with ‘Spit It Out’, before the closer ‘Punched In The Gutz’, a real meaty biographic rocker that shows the bands heavier side.  Anybody remember 'Wazbones'? Then you know the path this one takes.  A big bass line from Wylde drives this one, while Pepper unleashes a veritable fret board burning display, all under the great vocals of Jules.

This is Tigertailz as I remember them, if I may quote Crocodile Dundee ... 

“Mick give him your wallet”


“He’s Got A Knife”

“That’s Not a Knife, That’s A Knife” 

Tigertailz have definitely come back with a bigger knife, I can see Pepsi Tate looking down and nodding in approval.  This is the Tigertailz of old and the legacy left behind by the great man.  These four guys can be proud of what they’ve achieved on this EP, let's hope a full album is coming very soon.

Review by: Barry McMinn 


1. Shoe Collector
2. One Life
3. Bite The Hand
4. Spit It Out
5. Punched In The Gutz    





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