Artist: Tore St Moren 
   Title:  Devilbird
   Label: GMR Music  

'Devilbird' is the first solo instrumental album from former Jorn guitar wiz Tore St Moren, who along with Nick Angeleri on bass and John Maculuso, have redefined the guitar album.

This isn’t your normal shredfest album you’d normally associated with guitarist solo projects, St Moren has put together a wonder array of tracks that take you on a six string magic carpet ride you don’t want to get off.  This one has it all, Hard Rock to Metal and all points in between.

The opener and title track ‘Devilbird' sets the bar for the rest of the album.  This short one and half minutes of pure six string magic will just mystify and warm the senses, before the album hits out with the hard rocking ‘The Journey’.  A track firstly available on iTunes as a single, this is Hard Rock guitar at its very best.  Straight up riffs mixed with flowing solo’s.

Next up is ‘Benedicte’s Song’, another iTunes single, this one has more a bluesy edge about it which just builds and builds into a cacophony of six sting ear candy.  The high energy rock continues with the excellent ‘Quattro Formaggi’, before the tempo is brought back down with the soaring balladesque tones of ‘K1 & K2’, a track as the title depicts soars up and above the clouds.

There’s a touch of North Africa about ‘Mirage’, so much so THAT you can almost smell the markets of Marrakech.  The mellower tones of ‘Edel’ are next, again melodic rock infused with a little blues, before Moren lets rip big style with the aptly titled ‘Dramatique' and the power infused ‘Tres Hombres’.

It’s a return the melodic balladesque with stunning ‘The Valley Of Women’, featuring more beautiful soaring solo’s that just sweep the listener away.  This vibe is continued with ‘Between Good And Evil’, before the album closes in style with the slow burner ‘Burlesque’, which wraps up what is stunning guitar album and one that will make you think again about guitarists and their solo albums.  This one redefines the genre for sure.

Review by: Barry McMinn 


1.  Devilbird
2. The Journey
3. Benedicte's Song
4. Quattro Formaggi
5. K1 & K2
6. Mirage
7. Edel
8. Dramtique
9. Tres Hombres
10. The Valley Of Women
11. Between Good And Evil
12. Burlesque  



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