Artist:  Triaxis 
   Title:  Rage And Retribution
   Label: Rocksector Records  

South Wales Metallers Triaxis have released a killer album with 'Rage And Retribution', an album that will make everyone take notice!!  Having seen this band perform at the successful S.O.S. Festival, I can attest to the quality of their offerings.  They have appeared for the second time at Bloodstock and will be supporting Absolva in November on their headlining  tour.  With appearances at Hammerfest and Wizzfest on the horizon, the future is looking immense for this five piece band.

This is the band's second album and they have moved on in leaps and bounds from their critically acclaimed debut 'Key To The Kingdom'.  Now signed to Rocksector Records, this band have a ground breaking body of work with 'Rage And Retribution'.  'Sand And Silver' opens it up  and is addictive from the very start, everything sounds so crisp, and Krissie Kirby’s vocals are sharp, with amazing guitar wizardry and dueling  from CJ and Glyn Williams.  It’s taken me five plays to get past the first track on this opus, totally brilliant, intelligent lyrics and you can tell this band mean business. 

'Black Trinity' opens up with pounding drums then racing guitars as we are led into the abyss ...  “You reap what you sew” ...  there are no truer words in my opinion and it will only be a matter of time until this band are sharing the big stages worldwide.  Turn this number up to twelve if you haven’t already.  I love the drumming from Giles Wilson, in fact I love the song period!  Wow! I am exhausted already and I am only on to the third track.  Again we have drumming powered along with intensity on 'The Infected'.  This song rattles your being and where Krissie Kirby sings ... “We have Evolved” ...  the same could be said about Triaxis.  This band has evolved and kicks serious ass! 

'Asunder' opens with a haunting guitar and slows the mood down just a tad to give you chance to breath and believe me, when I say this is a beautiful, well-orchestrated song.  When the band puts some more metal into it mid-way through, I kid you not, you will get goose bumps.  Simply put, this is a stunning number.   'And Shadows Creep' duels and fights long as you bang your head to this number.

Keyboards open 'XGP', then like a battering ram, we are welcomed into heavy as hell drumming, guitar mastery that would make Dave Mustaine jealous and smashing your face in, top notch soloing.  This is totally awesome, probably one of the best instrumentals I have heard in many a year.  The good people at Rocksector have released 'Under Blood Red Skies' as a free download, so go and check it out, as this track as well as this review gives you a fantastic idea of what to expect from this album.  It Rawks!  You get solos, drums a-thrashing, brilliant vocals and great lyrics.  As with all of the eleven tracks on 'Trial And Retribution'. 

'Sker Point' is venomous.  There’s mouth dropping guitar solos and deep grooved bass from Owen Crawford, and to catch your breath, it ends with water lapping on the shore and a single guitar. Fantastico!!  Thrashing drums, horns in the air, head shaking, a metal meltdown as 'Reunion' crashes and wreaks havoc with your being.  

Final track 'Some Things Worth Dying For' is seven and a half minutes long.  Personally I am not a fan of any tracks that go on this long, but you know what, Triaixs have re-written the metal rule book with the whole album and the final track is pretty damn perfect, and rocks like a behemoth.  It is brilliant and just keeps your attention and your head banging throughout and has to be one of the stand out tracks.  Phenomenal! 

The end again gives you goose bumps as Krissie's vocals finish the song, together with an acoustic guitar and floating keyboards.  On the whole album, I cannot find one bad track / filler and I can’t even choose a favourite track.  Okay all of them!  It’s taken the band 18 months to come up with this masterpiece and it’s beyond words!  Also the artwork is amazing.  Check out this band, they are on the road soon and will be tearing up stages up and down the country.  The world and beyond beckons.     

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Sand & Silver
2. Black Trinity
3. The Infected
4. Asunder
5. And Shadows Creep
6. XGP
7. Under Blood Red Skies
8. Sker Point
9. Reunion
10. The Butcher
11. Some Things Are Worth Dying For    



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