CD Review - P - R

Pact - The Dragon Lineage Of Satan   
Pagan's Mind - God's Equation
Paganini - Medicine Man
- Hellbound  
Palace - Binary Music
Palace Terrace - Flying Through Infinity
Daniel Palmqvist - A Landscape Made From Dreams
Pangea - Retrospectacular
Papa Roach - Infest
Paradise Inc - Time   
Paradise Lost - Medussa
- Tales Of The Weird   
Paradox - Electrify
- The Last Day On Earth 
Parhelia - Oceans Apart
Parhelia - First Light
The Pariahs - The Pariahs
Paris - Only One Life  
- The End Of Our Flames  
- Beyond The Space, Beyond The Time 
Jay Parmar - Circle Of Fire 
Pathosray - Sunless Skies
- Is War The Answer   
David Mark Pearce
- Strange Angels  
Stephen Pearcy - Before and Laughter   
Jizzy Pearl - All You Need Is Soul
Jizzy Pearl - Crucified  
Jizzy Pearl - Vegas Must Die
Axel Rudi Pell
- Into The Storm  
Axel Rudi Pell
- Circle Of The Oath 
Axel Rudi Pell - The Crest
Axel Rudi Pell
- Best Of Anniversary Edition
Axel Rudi Pell
- Tales Of The Crown
Axel Rudi Pell
- Mystica    
- Welcome To The Party  
Perfect Plan - All Rise
Perfect View - Hold Your Dreams
- The Fiction Maze  
Pestilential Shadows
- Depth  
Peterik Scherer - Risk Everything 
Phantom 5
- Phantom 5
- Awakening 
- Blind Faith
Phenomena - The Complete Works
The Phobics - Deptford Calling 
Phoenix Down - Under a Wild Sky
- Soul Creeper
- Misery Wizzard 
The Pill Crushers - The Pill Crushers
Pink Cream 69 - Thunderdome
Pink Cream 69
- In10sity  
Pinnacle Point - Winds Of Change
Dug Pinnick - Emotional Animal
Place Called Rage
- Place Called Rage   
Place Vendome
- Thunder In The Distance 
Place Vendome - Streets Of Fire
Places Of Power - Now Is The Hour
- Crashed On Planet Hard
- Too Many Reasons  
- For Your Personal Amusement
- Crossing Over
- Poison'd
Poison - Crack a Smile ... and More
Poison - Holly Weird
Poison Sun - Virtual Sin 
Pokerface - Made In America
Milan Polak - Murphy's Law
Milan Polak
- Straight
Chris Poland - Return To Metalopolis Live  
Ted Poley - Modern Art
Ted Poley - Smile
Poley / Rivera - Only Human
Polution - Beyond Control 
Polution - Overheated
The Poodles
- Tour De Force 
The Poodles
- Performocracy 
The Poodles - No Quarter (Live)
The Poodles - Clash Of The Elements
The Poodles - Metal Will Stand Tall
The Poodles - Sweet Trade   
Ben Poole - Anytime You Need Me
Powderfinger - Day Dreams At The Hotel Of Existence    
Power Quest - The Sixth Dimension
Power Quest - Face The Raven
Power Quest - Blood Alliance 
Power Quest - Neverworld
Power Quest - Magic Never Dies
Power Quest - Master Of Illusion
- Preachers Of The Night  
- Blood Of The Saints 
Powerworld - Human Parasite   
Prayer - Silent Soldiers
Praying Mantis
- Legacy
Praying Mantis - Sanctuary 
Pretty Maids
- Kingmaker
Pretty Maids - Louder Than Ever  
Pretty Maids - Motherland  
Pretty Maids
- Pandemonium 
Pretty Wild - Pretty Wild  

- Knight Of The Revolution
Pride Of Lions - Immortal  
Pride Of Lions - The Roaring Of Dreams
Pride of Lions - Live in Belgium  
Rik Priem's Prime
- Rik Priem's Prime  
Primal Fear - Apocalypse
Primal Fear
- Rulebreaker
Primal Fear - Delivering The Black  
Primal Fear
- Unbreakable 
Primal Fear
- 16.6 (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead)
Primal Fear - Seven Seals
Primal Fear - Live In The USA
Prime Time - Free the Dream
Primitive - Into The Void 
- Where Greater Men Have Fallen
The Priory - Freeworld
Prisoner - 2
Project X - D-Generation  
- Origins  
Promethium - Faces of War
Promethium - Welcome To The Institution 
Prophet - Asylum - The Very Best Of Prophet  
Prophet - Cycle of the Moon
Psychopunch - Smakk Valley 
Pulse - Pulse
Purity Jar - Head to Toe 
Pushking - The World As We Love It 
Pyn Siren - Slave to Your Master
- A Century In The Curse Of Time
- Contingent


Queensryche - American Soldier 
Queensryche - Tribe 
Queensryche - Take Cover
The Quill - Full Circle 
The Quireboys
- Live In London
The Quireboys - This is Rock n Roll
The Quireboys - Well Oiled


Radar - RPM
Radio Silence
- Whose Skin Are You Under Now 
The Radio Sun - Beautiful Strange
Radioactive - F4ur 
Rage - The Devil Strikes Again
Rage Of Angels - The Devil's New Tricks
Rage Of Angels - Dreamworld   
The Ragged Saints - Sonic Playground Revisited
Rainbows Are Free - Waves Ahead Of The Ocean 
Raise Hell - City of the Damned
- Death  
- Lightbringer
Ramos - Hugo
- The Dream
- Better Days
The Rasmus
- Black Roses 
Rated X - Rated X
Ratt - Infestation
Rattlesnake Remedy
- Drag You Down
Rattlesnake Remedy
- Magic Man
Raven - Walk Through Fire  
RavenEye - Nova

- Descent To The Underworld  
Razzmattazz - Rock N Roll Hero 
Razor Ball - Razor Ball
Razorback - Deadringer
David Readman - David Readman
Reason - The Darkest Star   
Rebellious Spirit
- Gamble Shot  
Reckless Love - InVader
Reculver - Sharp Sand
Reculver - Wake up Call
Red Circuit
- Homeland
- Vice   
Red Rose
- On The Cusp Of Change 
Red Rose - Living The Life You've Imagined   
Redrum - Victim Of Our Circumstances  
Reds'Cool - Bad Story 
Red Star Rebels - Too Young To Care
Red Tide Rising - The Rising 
Redkey - Rage of Fire
Reece - Compromise   
- Universal Language
Reece Kronlund
- Solid     
Dizzy Reed - Rock N' Roll Ain't Easy
Reef - Waster
Reign Of Fury
- World Detonation 
- A New World  
Reinxeed - Welcome To The Theater  
Relapsed - Into A Former State
The Relatives - Triple X Sun
- Strange Fast Now
- Patents Of Control
Restless Spirits - Restless Spirits
- Built Back Up From Self Destruction
Resurrection Kings
- Resurrection Kings
Rev Co
. - Got Mixx 
- When Darkness Calls  
Reverend Bizarre - II: Crush the Insects
Revolution Renaissance - New Era
Revolution Saints
- Revolution Saints
Rhapsody - The Dark Secret
- Symphony of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret
Rhapsody - Symphony of Enchanted Lands
Rhapsody Of Fire - Triumph Or Agony
Rhino Bucket - Get Used to It
Ring Of Fire - Battle Of Leningrad  
Alberto Rigoni - Something Different
- Immortal Soul 
Rites Of Ash - Like Venom
Marc Rizzo - Colossal Myopia
Kane Roberts
- Saints And Sinners 
Kane Roberts - Kane Roberts 
Rob Rock - Garden Of Chaos
Rob Rock
- The Voice Of Melodic Metal
Rock The Nations - Various
Rok Ink - Vita MMXII  
Romeos Daughter - Spin 
Room Experience - Room Experience
- Heritage Of Satan 
Ross The Boss - New Metal Leader
Uli Jon Roth - Under A Dark Sky
Uli Jon Roth - The Best Of  
Rotting Christ - Rituals 
Royal Hunt
- Cargo
Royal Hunt
- XIII - Devil's Dozen
Royal Hunt - Best Of 
Royal Hunt - Show Me How To Live 
Royal Hunt - Paradox II Collision Course
Roxxcalibur - NWOBHM For Muthas  
RSO - Radio Free America
Rublood - Star Vampire 
Running From Wolves - What Happens In Vegas 
Running Wild
- Shadowmaker   
Rush - Snakes And Arrows