Artist: Tankard
   Title: Best Case Scenario - 25 Years In Beers
   Label: AFM  Records

Back in 1984 in Frankfurt Germany, five beer obsessed guys decided to bring their thrash metal assault to the masses with their demo 'Heavy Metal Vanguard' and ever since then these alcohol fuelled Germans haven’t looked back.

Originally the line-up was Frank Thorwarth on bass, Andreas Geremia on vocals, Axel Katzmann and Andy Bulgaropulos on guitars, and Oliver Werner on drums.  The year is now 2007 with a few band changes across the years the band are now a four piece consisting of original members Geremaia and Thorwarth, but with the addition of Andy Gutjahr on guitar and Olaf Zissel on drums taking forward the Tankard legend.

The band celebrate it's 25 years as a top flight thrash band with a best of album, but unlike some other best of releases about, the band have gone actually gone back into the studio and chosen 15 of theirs and fans favourites and re-recorded them to bring fresh live into the classics.

The album gets underway in typical Tankard style with ‘Zombie Attack’ from the bands debut release of the same name and instantly you're taken back to those heady days of thrash metal when the Bay Area was over-taken by it's European cousins, where it has remained strong and true to this very day.

Now with some 14 albums to their name there is something for every fan and with the new technical side of the recording process they sound fresh and fiery.  Retaining that air of familiarity they take the riffs head on with ‘Maniac Forces’, which still sounds superb as Gutjahr has taken on the role of twin guitarists, as featured on the original version.

The bands obsession with beer was taken to the extreme with their 1987 release 'Chemical Invasion', where the band led the own crusade against the introduction of foreign chemicals into German beer.  This album is represented by the tracks ‘Chemical Invasion’ and ‘Don’t Panic’, both full on thrash as it was meant to be, very fast and very furious.

This album is a must for all fans of the band as well as those newer fans who may have only heard some of the bands newer material.  This album offers them an excellent chance to hear some of the bands earlier material covering the span of their first ten years at the top of the thrash genre.

Tracks of note have to be the above plus the likes of ‘Beermuda’ with its thumping bass and drums.  ‘Space Beer’ because we’ve all been out of this world on a Friday night.  The 'Medley' which includes ‘Alcohol’, ‘Puke’, ‘Mon Cheri’, and ‘Wonderful Life’, which is such a mosh-pit delight, as is ‘Freibier’.

As well as the regular CD version of the album there will also be a special limited edition which will include a bonus CD containing 18 cover versions of Tankard classics by the likes of Sacred Steel, Paragon, Abandoned, Torment and many others, all of which compliments this original CD very well and adds to the anthology of the band.


1. Zombie Attack
2. Maniac Forces
3. Empty Tankard
4. Don't Panic 
5. Chemical Invasion 
6. The Morning After 
7. Alien 
8. 666 Packs
9. Beermuda
10. Space Beer
11. Medley (Alcohol, Puke, Mon Cheri, Wonderful Life)
12. Freibier
13. Nation Over Nation
14. Two-Faced
15. Minds On The Moon


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