Artist: Tarantella Serpentine  
   Title: Class One Laser Product
   Label: Wasp Factory

Starting things off with the Title Track of the album is the song 'Class One Laser Product', coming on like those 'Straight up Goth Gangsta's' Katscan, this is a full-on feast of speedy Drum n' Bass, with incredibly camp vocals. It sounds strange to begin with, but then you don't care because it's just so damn boppy!

Those vocals make Mark Almond sound like Pete Steele from Type O Negative! The second track continues where the first left off, high-speed, mixing guitar samples with pounding beats.

Just when you were getting into the cd something strange happens, over the sounds of a train station comes....a poem! No music, just spoken words. Very strange.  My favourite track on the CD is 'Sugar Sugar', this would sound amazing in any goth club, synthy and bassy with a hint of drum n bass.

Overall, if you're looking for something different, get this, it's VERY different. You're not going to get into it straight away, but keep trying and you'll find something you like. I would almost call it challenging.

It's got everything, It's sleazy, it's dark, it's dancey, it's fun!


1. Class One Laser Product
2. Chainsaw Politics
3. Heartbreaker
4. Crack
5. Cocaine Disco Riot
6. Lolo Ferrari's Dead
7. Victim Support
8. The Party
9. Herringbone Lovergirl
10. Sugar Sugar
11. Glorious Glowing Technicolour
12. Dominatrix
13. All the right moves
14. The Dead Pool
15. Dial Tone


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