Artist: Tara's Secret 
   Title: Drive Me Home / In The Movies
   Label: Independent Release

Tara's Secret are a Burton on Trent based band (Yes there are still some English bands playing melodic rock) who do it like it used to be. The style of the band is definitely late 80's melodic rock that still has reverence in today’s melodic rock scene.

This two track demo opens up with the heavy Journey influenced ‘Drive Me Home’, but with the vocals of John Trowbridge are very reminiscent of Meat Loaf in parts. The guitar work of Richard Beardsley on the track could do with a little more punch in the mix as they seem a little lost, but if this is the only complaint that I can find on the track then good job.

The second track ‘In Movies’ is another heavy 80's influenced track where Trowbridge’s vocals sound even more like Meat Loaf than the previous track, however, this time the guitars don’t seem as lost in the mix as on the first track.

With only two tracks to go on its hard to say how far Tara's Secret will go, and without ever seeing them live, this again makes it hard to see the bands full potential on the dwindling British melodic rock scene.  Like many before them its down to the fans of the genre to support these bands and give them as much help as they can.

Lets hope 2006 is a good year for not only Tara’s Secret but the whole melodic rock scene in general.


1. Drive Me Home
2. In Movies






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