Artist:  Taunted
   Title: 9 Sins
   Label: Mausoleum Records

Thrashers Taunted hail from San Francisco and this is their third album, and although I am not overly familiar with their earlier albums, '9 Sins' is nine tracks of thrash metal with a mix of some excellent melodic, power and speed metal tracks, thrown into the mix here for you to abuse your neck and your senses.  It is a heavy, thrashing, diverse, album that will please fans of all the metal genres, I would imagine.  The lyrics are dark, brooding, menacing and very clear.  

The band was formed in 1992 and have an archetypal sound from the days when thrash was hugely popular and certainly seems to be on the rise again.  So '9 Sins' should be truly appreciated and adored by old and new thrash fans alike, as well as lovers of any music that is heavy and guaranteed to make your ears bleed!

I really like Jacques Settanoís vocals, out of the nine tracks which are all strong I would point you towards album opener 'Seven Colours' where Settano shows his abilities from deep growls to Halfordesque screams, you know you are lined up for eight more tracks of metal insanity.  The next track 'Laceration' I would say is the strongest track on here without a doubt and has expressive intense lyrics, machine gun drumming, and solid riffs to annihilate your sound system.  

My personal favorite has to be the distinctive 'Dead Roll' which opens slowly and is very moody with the lyrics drawing you in, think Annihilators 'Alice', same kind of groove, atmospheric, brooding metal, itís dead impressive.  'Sinners Language' is simply aggressive, with stupendous vocals from Settano setting the tone, this guy has some range, and the music is very imposing. 

Penultimate track 'Chaos Theory' is solid and is simply a killer tune.  Final tune 'Taunted 2' is an excellent track to finish a very well delivered album, check the solos out and powerhouse drumming from former Vicious Rumours drummer Larry Howe, it is totally head-banging heaven! 

I would highly recommend this album, the guitar solos from Joey Genoni will not only leave you wide mouthed at times, they are simply killer riffs throughout and boy does he deliver! The band have played some big festivals in the past and I would urge you to get to see a Taunted show if they are around where you live, and if you donít get a chance to see  them live, make sure you grab '9 Sins'!  It's nine tracks of heavy f**king metal!

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Seven Colors
2. Laceration
3. Written In The Flames
4. Dead Roll
5. Room 237
6. Sinners Language
7. Tower Hellions
8. Chaos Theory
9. Taunted 2



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