Artist: The Taz Taylor Band 
   Title: Welcome To America
   Label: Escape Music

'Welcome To America' is the follow up to Taz’s highly acclaimed instrumental album 'Caffeine Racer'.  This time Taz wanted a vocal album and for that he enlisted the very capable talents of one Graham Bonnet.  Also joining Taz on this new release are Dirk Krause on bass, Val S. Trainor on drums and Bob Miller on keyboards.

The album itself gets off to a flying start with ‘Fighters Fist’, a track Bonnet vocals have been waiting for since his Rainbow/Alcatraz days.  This mixed with Taylor’s flowing guitar licks make for a piece of melodic hard rock of the highest calibre.

Things continue along a similar path with a sentimental reminisce of better days with ‘Radio Luxemburg’, a track that I for one can connect with personally as was one of those youthful souls who tuned into the only rock station of any note in my childhood.

The first of two covers is Taz's salute to another rock guitar genius one Gary Moore, with Taz’s own rendition of ‘Parisienne Walkways’ before it's over to another one of Taylor’s inspirations for the Schenker style guitar riffs on ‘Happy Hour’.  Another track that shows Bonnet’s prowess as a powerful vocalist.

Things slow down just a touch as the keyboards intro of ‘Haunted’ fades away and Bonnet’s unmistakable vocals come shining through and this itself leads the way to Taylor’s flamboyant uncomplicated riffs.

The title track ‘Welcome To America’ is one of my favourite tracks off the album, with its varying tempo changes and Taylor’s extravert guitars, where we hear a touch of the classics mixed with the more traditional riffs, a great track.

Another great track is ‘Wall Of Sound’ a track where Taylor really shines through with his no nonsense style of guitar playing.  This track simply has classic written all over it.  The band once again show their more gentler side with the spellbinding ‘Silent Fall’, a track where Taz shows he can give one Mr. Schenker something to think about with this one.

‘The Reprise’ is another of my favourite tracks off the album, with this one you just sit down in a darkened room with your headphones on and just let Taylor take all your troubles away as you are thrust into Taz’s mesmeric riff laden world.

The final track is a cover of sorts as once again Taylor pays homage to one of the gods of rock Ozzy Osbourne, with the charming ‘Goodbye Mr C.’.  A medley of both ‘Goodbye To Romance’ and ‘Mr Crowley’.  A somewhat strange mix that works remarkably well and rounds off what is a great album and one that will surely make the name of Taz Taylor one to look out for in the future.


1. Fighter's Fist
2. Radio Luxembourg
3. Parisienne Walkways
4. Happy Hour
4. Haunted 
5. Welcome To America
6. Wall Of Sound
7. Silent Fall
8. The Reprise
9. Goodbye Mr C.


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