Artist: Ten  
   Title: The Twilight Chronicles
   Label: Frontiers Records

Gary Hughes has always been somewhat of a prolific song writer and with Ten he has found a base for some of his most ambitious work.  With the concept album being his forte, Hughes has taken on such subject matters as the Arthurian legend, Religion, and Mythology to name a few.

This new album ‘Twilight Chronicles’ is the band's eighth studio release and one that is sure to send fans of the band into raptures.  Returning with that now long-established Ten sound throughout the album, along with Hughes time honoured lyrics, this is sure to be a hit with all their long devoted fans.

The album opens up in grandiose style with a two part intro I ‘The Prologue’ and II ‘Rome’ and at over twelve minutes long this epic intro into the album sets a high standard which is soon is put to shame by some of the finest Ten songs I’ve heard in a long time.

To be honest I’ve not always been a fan of the band and could take or leave them depending of different albums.  However, Hughes 'Once And Future King' project was one of his finest hours and now with 'The Twilight Chronicles' I have found new faith in the band.

The album continues with ‘The Chronicles’, one of my favourite tracks off the album which features some truly magical guitar riffs from John Halliwell.

The band have always been associated with the haunting melodies on their releases and this album is no different.  The album continues with ‘The Elysian Fields’, a majestic track with Hughes giving one of his finest vocal performances.

Never one to resist an epic power ballad Hughes has written a classic with ‘Hallowed Ground’ and at ten minutes eighteen seconds long it is a monster!

But the band show they can slip a few short songs into the mix with ‘This Heat Goes On’.  At just over four minutes long is the shortest track on the album and features heavily the keyboards of one of rock most underrated keyboards men, the diminutive figure of one Paul Hodson.

The rockier edge to the band is shown on the up-tempo ‘Oblivion’, a theme that is then carried on into the next track ‘The Twilight Masquerade’, another song that highlights Hughes high quality lyrical prowess.

The album continues with ‘Tourniquet’ which has more of a hard rock feel to it while still retaining that whole Ten sound.

Another track that features the keyboards of Hodson is ‘Born To The Grave’, a hard rock track and one lays down the foundations for the finale of the album.  Finishing the album off perfectly is another two parter consisting of ‘When The Night Is Done’ and ‘The Epilogue’.  A majestic musical piece with Hughes lending his deeply emotional vocals to the track to great effect, this rounds off a quite spectacular album from a band that have won me over with this one so lets hope this continues with the next release.


1. I - The Prologue
    II - Rome
2. The Chronicles
3. The Elysian Fields
4. Hallowed Ground
5. This Heart Goes On
6. Oblivion
7. The Twilight Masquerade
8. Tourniquet
9. Born To The Grave
10. I - When This Night Is Done
     II - The Epilogue


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