Artist:  Ten
   Title: Stormwarning
   Label: Frontiers Records

To say over the past few years that Ten have been a band in turmoil would be one of the understatements of the year.  Well documented throughout the years the band have had ebbs and flows, both musically and personally, including the bands self exile from the whole Melodic and Hard Rock scenes.  So it was a surprise to many that the band entered the studio for what is the bands ninth album ‘Stormwarning’

Still spearheading Ten is Gary Hughes as always and for this album Hughes mixes the old and the new in regards to band mates to join him on this new chapter in the bands life, with Neil Fraser on lead guitars and Mark Sumner on bass.  In addition to long-time members John Helliwell on guitar and Paul Hodson on keyboards, filling the drum stool is guest drummer Mark Zonder (Fates Warning).  So to find a producer to do the album and the band proud I must say had to be a no brainer, who else but Denis Ward could bring out the best in Ten.

So to be perfectly honest Ten are a band that I have had a take it or leave it relationship with as regards to albums.  Some I’ve loved, some not so much, so I took this new album with a pinch of salt.  Could it as its bio suggests, live up the likes of  “The Name of The Rose” and “Spellbound”?  Well to be honest this could be the best album the band have done in years.

From the opener ‘Endless Symphony’ you’ll take a step back and simply say WOW! This seven minute plus opener is a real gem a little heavier and more sonic than I can remember the band being, which isn’t a bad thing.   I must say that it must be Wards influence working with the likes of Angra and Edenbridge that have added a little spice to the Ten sound, which I personally love, (me a Ten take it or leave it kind of guy!).

The album continues to impress me big style as it continues with ‘Centre Of My Universe’, a more gentle refrain that the opener but still a solid track all the same.  It starts from humble beginnings and just builds in something quite special.

Things continue on the sonic front with the Melodic Rock spectacle this is ‘Kingdom Come’ before bringing a little Whitesnake influence to proceedings with ‘Book Of Secrets’, then it's Hard Rockin’ all the way with the title track ‘Stormwarning’ and the mid tempoed rocker ‘Invisible’.

The tempo is brought down just a touch with ‘Love Song’, another seven-minute minutes of pure ear candy, as Hughes delivers one of the best vocals on the album so far.

It's back into MR mode with the simmering splendour of ‘The Hourglass And The Landslide’, before adding a harder edge to things with the excellent ‘Destiny’ and wrapping up proceedings with ‘The Wave’, a gentile seminal ballad.

It's been a long time coming (some say it was never going to come), but a new Ten album is about hit the streets and one that will sure send tidal waves of emotion around the scene.  The positive comments will sure come raining down so be prepared you’ve have been warned of the pending storm that is Ten and their finest album to date.


1. Endless Symphony
2. Centre Of My Universe
3. Kingdom Come
4. Book Of Secrets
5. Stormwarning
6. Invisible
7. Love Song
8. The Hourglass And The Landslide
9. Destiny
10. The Wave



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