Artist: Tesla 
   Title: Into The Now
   Label: Sanctuary Records

After an absence of a studio album for almost ten years Telsa return with one of the best albums of the year so far, ‘Into the Now’. The opening and title track ‘Into the Now’ gives you a taste of the quality of the tracks to come on the album. This is a blistering track with a very modern sound, much heavier than previous albums and with a ten year absence which has obviously seen the band mature musically over this time.

‘Look @ Me’ is more of the same with a more aggressive guitar sound and a thumping bass beat. ‘What a Shame’ is one of the best tracks on the album. It’s set a more melodic pace than the previous tracks but still holds its own. ‘Heaven nine Eleven’ asks the question on everybody’s lips after the 9/11 … WHY?

‘Words can’t Explain’ and ‘Caught in the Dream’ see them slip into Aerosmith style ballads. ‘Miles Away’ builds up slowly to a momentous chorus then melts away again only to build up to a thunderous conclusion. ‘Mighty Mouse’ brings a smile, as you wells know one day he will save the world, enough said!

‘Back to reality, ‘Got no Glory’ goes back to the take no prisoners approach shown at the start of the album. ‘Come to Me’ is another slower melodic track that has once again Aerosmith vibe about it, but ‘Recognize’ is a more 2003-4 sound that is not quite nu-metal but similar with the aggressive vocals and predominant drums and high pitch guitars.

‘The final track ‘Only You’ brings the mood down. The meaningful lyrics and the introduction of a violin make this one of the most thought provoking and heart felt tracks on the album. With the album starting off at such a heavy pace this is a nice way to end one of the, if not THE best Tesla albums to date. And if this is a come back album let’s hope for a few more of this quality a bit more regularity.


   1. Into the Now
   2. Look @ Me
   3. What a Shame
   4. Heaven nine Eleven
   5. Words can’t Explain
   6. Caught in a Dream
   7. Miles Away
   8. Mighty Mouse
   9. Got no Glory
 10. Come to Me
 11. Recognize
 12. Only You


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