Artist:  Europe
   Title: Live In Europe
Frontiers Records  

One of the greatest survivors of the 80's and a band that refused to lay down and die are Tesla, and since the reprisal in October 2000, Tesla the band have gone from strength to strength with album after album and tour after tour, and last year around the very date of this review, I saw the band in action after a long hiatus and they still impressed me and that show was one of the highlights of the gig calendar for me, and now I have a chance to relive what I heard that night with the bands latest album 'Live in Europe', recorded in Barcelona last year.

The European leg of the tour was more of a greatest hits set with just a few newer songs thrown into the mix, just to show the band are still ever going forward.

So the album itself, the live CD can either be a hit or miss, where as the DVD captures more of the shows spectacle, but with Tesla they seem to really come across well on the CD format, when it comes to capturing the live experience, well at least most of it, you have to use your imagination for the visuals aspects, but seeing them last year made this a whole lot easier for me.

Opening up with 'Forever More', the images came flashing back to me of that great night in Newcastle as Jeff Keith and the rest of the guys just ignited the night air with some of the finest rock songs you'll ever hear, and this new album just brings back so many memories of that night.

So the likes of 'Modern Day Cowboy', 'Hang Tough' and 'Lil' Suzie' are mixed with the likes of the more recent albums, the excellent 'Signs' and much more.

This is a real fan album for sure, but also shows that no matter what has gone before and what is regarded as trendy or now, if you have the songs that stand the test of time and you're still willing to take your band on into the now, then you can still make a career out of the music business even if you're not the in thing!

Tesla are one of those bands who still have years in them, and long may it continue, I for one can't wait for the new album and another tour to follow hopefully over this side of the pond.  


1. Forever More
2. I Wanna Live
3. Modern Day Cowboy
4. Heaven's Trail
5. What A Shame
6. Shine Away
7. Love Song
8. What You Give
9. The Way It Is
10. Breakin' Free
11. Hang Tough
12. So What!
13. Signs
14. Lil' Suzie
15. Into The Now



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