Artist:  The Magnificent
   Title: The Magnificent 
   Label: Frontiers Records

Over recent years the Scandinavian quarter has been a veritable hot-bed of Melodic / Hard Rock talent, and it's only right that the leading label in the scene Frontiers Records taps into it and picks out some of the new talent and shares it with the world.

One band that are sure to make inbounds in the genre are The Magnificent.  A band put together by Circus Maximus singer extraordinaire Michael Eriksen from Norway and Finnish producer / guitarist Torsti Spoof (of Leverage fame), along with a host of guest artists, both musically and on the song-writing front, the united union of which has produced this great debut.

The album is pure melody rich rock that has that air of class that can only be Scandinavian in origin, right from opener ‘Holding On To Love' to the closing track ‘Harvest Moon’.

The album manages to bring the best of Melodic Rock’s heritage and put it into a more modern landscape, with some quite sublime moments for the afore mentioned opener 'Holding On To Love’, with its rich melodies and the equally impressive ‘Cheated By Love’, to the rockin‘ Satin & Lace’, with Eriksen showing what a tremendous vocal talent he is.  We knew he could pack a punch with the more progressive elements of Circus Maximus, but he sure can dish out a rich melodic vocal when called upon.

He even shows his bluesy side on the excellent ‘Bullets, Smoke & Fire’, but you also have to applaud the tremendous musicianship on this album, as apart from Eriksen and Spoof, we also see Rolf Pilve laying down the back beat on drums, along with Sami Norbacka on bass.  While on keyboards we have Jukka Karinen, with backing vocals coming courtesy of Antony Parviainen.  Also lending a hand are Mats Haugen, who adds guitars, bass and keyboards, along with Tommy Jacksonville's drumming to ‘Memories’, while Toumas Heikkinen joins in to add a little six string spice to ‘Satin & Lace’.

The album threads its way through the melodic rock, hard rock and blues genres with such ease, the album is just pure ear candy as will appeal to any true fan of the genre, and it's great to hear new bands in coming through in a genre, that many people outside it thought had had its day.  This is one of the new generation of bands who are driving the genre we love so much ever forward and for that fact alone you’ve got to love ‘em.


1. Holding On To Your Love
2. Cheated By Love
3. Memories
4. Angel
5. Satin & Lace
6. Love's On The Line
7. Bullets, Smoke & Fire
8. Tired Of Dreaming
9. If It Takes All Night
10. Lost
11. Harvest Moon



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