Artist:  The New Czars
   Title: Doomsday Revolution
   Label: Samson Records / RSK Entertainment

When the music starts getting boring and repetitive that’s when I’ll stop listening, but until that day I hope albums like this come into being from time to time, just to show me that there is imagination and almost musical alchemy still being produced in this day and age. When everyone seems fixated on what’s going to be like the new trend or be seen to be trendy it's great to hear that a band is going that extra mile to be different and imaginative.  None are more able to mix an almost unheard of mixture of melodic and prog rock with hardcore heavy metal, funk/pop avant-garde and industrial rock than Greg Hampton.

Having worked with the like of Alice Cooper on 'Along Came A Spider' and Lita Ford on 'Wicked Wonderland' to name but two, Hampton not only brings in some influence from these artists latest releases, but also a whole lot more from the likes of Nine Inch Nails and The Beatles and everything in between, in an album that is diverse as it is forward looking.

Chemistry is an art form and to bring these varied styles and musical influences together takes a certain skill and Hampton is a wizard if this album is anything to go by.  Hybrid rock n' roll is just one way to describe these sixteen tracks, yes sixteen so you're not only getting a new dimension in rock n' roll, you're also getting more rock for your buck.

Some of the many highlights on the album have to be the opener ‘Keep On Goin’, the ball busting ‘Confessions’, the slow burning ‘Desperate’, the almost Grungesque ‘Time Stops’, the all guns blazing rock of ‘Brush With The Devil’, the funko metal of ‘Abstract Prague’ and the classic hard rock of the title track ‘Doomsday Revolution’.  These are just a few of my favourite picks from an album that has something for every taste.  If you want to hear something somewhere between Queens of the Stoneage, The Foo Fighters and Kings X and all stations in between, then check out The New Czars (or should that be The New Stars?).  


1. Keep On Goin'
2. Confessions
3. Desperate
4. Why Do U Have 2 Lie
5. Don't Watch Me
6. Time Stops
7. Brush With The Devil
8. So Sure
9. Abstract Prague
10. Crashed
11. Doomsday Revolution
12. Only Dreaming
13. Tell Me
14. Had 2 Do It
15. Funky Detour
16. Crotch Critters 



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