Artist:  Therapy?
   Title: We're Here To The End
   Label: Global Music

It's hard to believe that Therapy? have been around for over two decades and that they haven’t put out a live album over those twenty years. But that’s about to be put right with the bands new release, the aptly titled ‘We’re Here To The End’, which was recorded when the band performed three nights at the Water Rats in London earlier this year as part of their 20th Anniversary celebrations.

This double live CD not only pays tribute to the bands 20 year anniversary, but also highlights the bands energetic live shows and the vast back catalogue of no holds barred intense rock n' roll.

My first taste of the band was when I heard the immense ‘Screamager’ and it's quite apt that this is the opener for the first CD.  Never has a band kicked off a show with such vigour and angst.  They are probably the most intense power trio since the first incarnation of Motorhead back in the day when Lemmy, Phil Taylor and Fast Eddie were deafening the nations youth.  Love them or hate them you have to admire any band that manages to keep it all together for twenty years in such a dog eat dog business.

With monster tracks that include the aforementioned ‘Screamager’, the dark ‘Turn’, the fantastic ‘Die Like A Mother Fucker’, complete with audience participation, the bass ridden ‘Skyward’ and the superbly titled 'Potato Junkie' and the intense ‘Neck Freak’, being amongst some of the best the band have produced and that’s only the first CD!

CD2 is more of the same as this one opens with ‘Nausea’, again an immense opening barrage of high octane no-nonsense power rock, but it’s the likes of ‘Nowhere’ and the thumping ‘Knives’, two moshpit favourites and even the newer material like ‘Crooked Timber', that really push the boundaries that made the band what they are today.  It's like the band said ... 'We’re Here To The End'... like I said before, love them or hate them there is no middle ground with a band like Therapy?.


1. Screamager
2. Sister
3. Turn
4. Enjoy The Struggle
5. Die Like A Mother Fucker
6. Stories
7. Meat Abstract
8. Exiles
9. Skyward
10. Moment Of Clarity
11. Sprung
12. Neck Freak
13. Diane
14. Potato Junkie
15. Dancing With Manson
16. If It Kills Me
17. Rust



1. Nausea
2. Knives
3. Nowhere
4. Evil Elvis
5. Epilepsy
6. Rain Hits Concrete
7. Our White Noise
8. Opal Mantra
9. Fantasy Bag
10. Church Of Noise
11. The Head That Tried To Strangle Itself
12. Polar Bear
13. Crooked Timber
14. Punishment Kiss
15. Trigger Inside
16. Innocent X
17. Die Laughing
18. Isolation
19. Teethgrinder


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